Is the HH90 Motor Compatible with Winegard 76cm Dish? (1 Viewer)

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Mar 27, 2006
While browsing through a few online FTA dealers, I noticed that a couple of dealers have packaged the HH90 motor with the Winegard 76cm dish in some of their all-in-one bundles. However, it is stated under the HH90 listing on Sadoun's website that the HH90 does not work with Winegard dishes. That said, I'm a little confused as to whether or not the HH90 does or doesn't work well with a Winegard 76cm dish, so any advice would be appreciated.

Also, while looking throuugh STAB's website, I noticed that the HH100 appears to be a little more sturdy and durable than the HH90, but I'm basing this merely on appearance. Nonetheless, if I were planning on using a 76cm dish for a Ku setup, would I gain durability and quality by spending a few more dollars on a HH100, or, assuming that there are no compatability issues with a 76cm Winegard, would a HH90 be more than enough?



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Aug 2, 2005
winegard dish not compatible with stab hh90

I found out the hard way that the winegard dish is not compatible unless.

I bought my dish with the motor from an online dealer. Once received and when I started to put it together I noticed that there was no way that the dish elevation could be set with the shaft of the hh90 motor inserted in the bracket of the winegard dish. I contacted winegard who were kind enough to help me. even though they did not completely understand the problem I had they did provide me with a lead. (by the way they said the dish was not designed to be motor mounted). They suggested that there exists such a thing as a low angle bracket for the 76cm dish. A company in Alaska has them in stock. I called them and purchased one. After installing this bracket I could set the dish elevation to the value required for the HH90 set up. The low angle bracket puts the mast/shaft clamp further away from the dish itself allowing the movement of the dish.

After reading some of the posts I would go with the SG2100 motor.....unless you want to go through the trouble I went through!:)
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