Is Voom giving their exclusives, everyone of their channels in 1080i.



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Mar 13, 2004
I look at the Voom movie channels and they don't look great. And for some reason I do know that when I watch Rush HD or Rave HD that they have Voom commericals that adverstise about about their movie channels and even show clips of these movies in 1080i. They look good on Voom's non-movie channels like Rush, or Rave for a video clip. Why not look like that on the movie channels theirself. Plus why must i place the Voom Receiver in continuous 1080i output to make the Voom movie channels have a more enhanced picture. If Voom is broadcasting everthing in 1080i, how come when I am surfing from one HD 1080i channel to another I don't get the receiver doing the conversion thing. But when I switch from say Rush/Rave or HBO HD, and go directly to Voom's movie channels i get the converstion thing with the receiver. Seems if the Voom movies are 1080i, then the receiver shouldn't need to have conversion due going to a like broadcast channel that is also 1080i. Any information on this would be helpful.
Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
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I believe the 10 VOOM Movie Channels are in 720p not 1080i.

My wife thinks the channel with the best PQ is the INVOOM Channel on Channel 999. I have no idea why my wife is watching a barker channel, but she says that one is the best looking.

She also wants to know why is it whenever she turns on MOOV the artword is Naked Statues. :)

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Sep 8, 2003
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Temporarily the the cinema 10 channels + monsters + Epics are 720p. VOOM is working on video encoder and these will go back to 1080i once the work is complete. Remember that the movies PQ really depends on the condition of the original master of the movie. I have seen movies in Cinema 10 that I did not like the PQ but others that I have seen were quite compatible with what I have seen on HBO. So the quality of the original will determine how good the movie looks. These movies are not recently release movies but old ones.

The receiver will change to the native resolution of the program if its set to native resolution. That is when all bars in front of receiver are lit by pressing the red button. If you set the receiver at 1080i, it will not change the resolution of the programs. I hope I was clear.

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Mar 6, 2004
I think I know what your asking, but when they upconvert movies from the 50's for example they are only going to look so good....and not even approach the quality of say Discovery.


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Mar 8, 2004
It is displays that use the "older" CRT technology that need the 1080i signal to look its best. On the newer Plasma/LCD/DLP technologies, the Cinema10 channels broadcasting in 720p look excellent.

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