Is your PG not working?

No program listings! Mine has been down all day. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
Videofx said:
I have program guide info but no channel names.


If you want to keep your PG info, don't reboot! That's how mine was yesterday, so I rebooted to get the channel names back and BANG... No program guide info. :no
Rebooting (Five second reset) will cause you to lose your PG information. Mine reloaded in less than 20 minutes.
I got installed yesterday, new f/w overnight and today there are still call letters in the guide but no program info.
Had mine install yesterday...

new software d/l last night but still no PG.

I rebooted from power button and walked away for about 20 minutes. Came back and PG info is there ! Woohoo!
Wilt over at the yahoo forums had this to say...

"I just found out there was a big problem, seemingly and now obviously, at Moto yesterday. I don't know much else other than that it's not local, it's national."

So I guess there was something broken that they are now aware of and are working to fix.
Mine acts weird. I surf for all HD and it won't show the "HD 2" channels( HBO2HD, etc). It only shows them in the full channel list.
Mine went out last night as well. Called this morning, CSR advised me to unplug receiver and she would hit my box again and 10 minutes later everything is fine including local program info that I have never had before!!
From Wilt at the Voom yahoo group...

"Okay, some data.
A reboot today should get you data through tomorrow anyway and, hopefully, Moto will have the whole thing done by then
Front panel, power button, reboot.
I activated my VOOM STB on Wed. April 8 around 12 noon. I have yet to get an PG info. It has showed that it's downloading it, but nothing shows up.

got my channel names back when I came home from work. PG is back to normal.

It's alive!!

Rebooted STB and a few minutes later the PG was populated with info. :D


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