Issue with Sportster 5 parental channel locking (1 Viewer)

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Aug 4, 2005
recently bought a sportster 5 from ebay that works fine. However, I am trying to lock channels using the parental control so that I dont have to see them on the display. The factory default code is 0000, but it doesnt work; I tried 7777 and it worked. I locked some channels, and returned within a few minutes to lock more. That same 7777 does not work, nor 0000, nor any numbers. I have powered the radio down, and tried the next day, but neither 7777 nor 0000 work. I have reset to factory defaults, and 0000 nor 7777 work.

I could try to call Sirius, but I imagine they may not support the SP5 since they dont even sell it.

Any suggestions or thoughts as to what else I could try. I searched through the forums, but no topic exists on the issue.
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