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Oct 19, 2016
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So my old DVR stopped working over a week ago. After a call, I was told I was being sent a new DVR. They sent a regular receiver. After calling they told me they would sent out what they were suppose to. A few days later, nothing so another call back. Finally got a DVR! Thought all would be good, easy peasy hook up. WRONG! This is a R22-200. We requested it not to be HD to avoid paying the additional monthly surcharge.
First issues - it's HUGE! We have custom built in TV cabinet in our wall and this doesn't fit. Secondly, this doesn't have the same coaxial outputs that the old one did, only HDMI. After figuring out we can redo a lot of wiring, buy a splitter and 50' HDMI Cord we will move DVR into the bedroom where there is room.
So while trying to set it up, run into issues with possibly not having SWM on our older dish and needing the B-band converters. It also said it wasn't activated even though I did it twice online.
So we call and after over an hour long conversation my DVR still isn't working. Finally got it "set up" but most of the channels on the guide show HD (same channel # on old DVR that was the regular channel) so when I go to the channel it says I'm not subscribed. A few of the non HD upper channels worked, but most of the locals and a few other non HD channels also said satellite signal not found even though all the signal tests were fine. We asked about it being an HD receiver, he assured us it wasn't and he didn't seem to know what we were talking about when asked if D BANds were the issue. By the end of the call he just said we must have a defective receiver and he would have to transfer us to the warranty department (we JUST got it that day!) By now it was after 10pm at night so it wasn't worth dealing with anymore.
Any suggestions on what is actually going on here?

Don in CT

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Dec 4, 2013
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Seems like you will go through a lot of extra expense just to avoid paying for HD.

Plus when SD is turned off you will need a new receiver anyway.


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Oct 26, 2010
Yeah, getting a SD receiver is a complete waste of time. It will be worthless in a couple years anyway.


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Feb 14, 2015
well, the outputs on the receiver are not something D* will give you any sympathy for unfortunately.

the guide issue is actually one i ran into and i felt like a moron. go to menu, settings, settings, preferences, guide, SD only. the R22 for whatever reason is set up the same way as the HR22, so its trying to show you the HD channels instead of the just SD channels. no new box required.

and its B-Band Converter (BBC). on a 18" or 18x20" dish that you have, they do squat. those are for the 99 and 103 sats.


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I have 2 R22s. They are, I believe, the last SD DVRs released. They "will" act as HD/DVRs if you have other HD/DVRs on your account as they have the guts of a HR21.

If you don't get HD (odd since it's a HD world, now 4K) then go into the menu and hide HD duplicates.
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