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Jul 17, 2006
Okay, now that I'm on my 4th 622 receiver in the past 9 months, and the fact that Dish just keeps sending me new receivers without even thinking or asking what's up, and refusing to try something different (I dunno, maybe try a model that hasn't been discontinued?) I'm fed up- and I told them, and they really don't care. Our contract is up and now that you guys have the whole house DVR thing figured out I think I'm ready to try something else. Plus it looks like I can get more channels for the money with the current HD promo. Who knows, maybe it's just the "grass is greener" syndrome- although I am drooling over the NFL package...

A few questions I couldn't quickly find answers to:
While I'm building my package online, it says that if I want the whole house DVR I have to pay a $25 fee for "Professional Internet Install." I have a networking switch connected to all my equip, can I not just run the Ethernet cable from the switch to the box? Do I really have to pay $25 to watch him plug in the wire?

I'm assuming I can use the direct-to-PC application with the whole house DVR. Anyone running that in a virtual Windows environment? I have a mac, with Windows XP running in VMWare Fusion. Will that work? That would save me from having to get a box and another TV in my study if I can watch on the iMac. The receiver would be directly connected to my Airport Express (n) which communicates with my Dual Band Time Capsule where the iMac is.

I've read that I need to be sure I get the latest DVR (HR24 I think). The website really doesn't give model numbers or recording capacity, just that it's "more than cable." What is the HD capacity?

Can I hook up an external hard drive like Dish let me do? I don't think so, but worth a shot?

Right now, I have my Dish 622 hooked up via HDMI to my AV Reciever that feeds my projector in my home theater. I also have it hooked up to my plasma via the component cables so the kids can just watch TV without firing up the entire system. The 622 outputs the signal from both jacks at the same time. Do the Direct TV receivers do this?

Any other questions I need to ask?

Thanks for the help.
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Oct 22, 2004
Binghamton, NY
You can use your existing network for multi room viewing but it isn't supported by DirecTV. Meaning that if it doesn't work you're on your own. DirecTV is now installing their DECA system for MRV (this uses the existing coax for ethernet connectivity). This is built in on the HR24s. The $3 fee is still the same. Part of the DECA install connects it to your network to allow on demand etc. Not sure whether the Mac side works.

You can cionnect an external eSATA drive to the DVRs. However these units replace the internal one (can't use both at the same time).

All outputs on the HRs are active so you can do what you want.
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