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Nov 20, 2004
I ordered voom a couple of days ago... after reading some of the posts on here, I was a bit nervous about the install and the service. I signed up with the $1.00 deal and got 3 voom boxes. I have the one downstairs hooked up to my tivo, the one upstairs hooked up to my windows media center 2005, and the last one just directly to my tv. The installer was awesome, he actually took the time to make sure everything was correct and working properly. He went out of his way to make sure all the remotes were programmed, my tivo was working, my MCE 05 was receiving correctly, and even ran a new cable for my cable modem. I couldn't be happier. I was a DirectTV customer, but now Im a very happy VOOM customer.
I just wish I would have signed up sooner.

just wanted to share my experience...

Noblesville, IN


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Jun 18, 2004
Charlotte, NC
Zachserine, welcome to Voom and welcome to the forums. :welcome Hopefully you'll get years of enjoyment from both. You will however, find that when you post something positive there is rarely a shortage of people waiting to rain on your parade. Try to ignore them and hope they go away. :p Glad to hear about your pleasant install experience.


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Nov 27, 2004
Hi Zachserine!
My install of 3 receivers is scheduled for Monday. I've very excited to be getting more than half a dozen channels of HD like dtv offers. Voom may finally be on the right track. Let them say what they will. We will be enjoying the picture while they're complaining.


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Dec 13, 2003
Now that is the way to have an installation done!

We've been enjoying VOOM since last Dec. Watched Master and Commander last night on HBO. Excellent movie!

Still VOOMing under mostly cloudy Seattle skies, Gill


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Jul 22, 2004
Outside Chicago
TheTimm said:
Zachserine, welcome to Voom and welcome to the forums. :welcome Hopefully you'll get years of enjoyment from both. You will however, find that when you post something positive there is rarely a shortage of people waiting to rain on your parade. Try to ignore them and hope they go away. :p Glad to hear about your pleasant install experience.
My feelings exactly!
Welcome Zachserine; I have been vooming almost 6 months now, with no hassles or serious complaints!


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Sep 16, 2004
My Crazy VOOM INstallation

:mad: i get VOOM installed this Wednesday. I also have Dish Network.
It's amazing though what the new VOOM customer has to do to get ready for the installation. First ..my conformation e-mail from VOOM today said I must supply the multi-switch.Second I found out from these Forums here that since I live on the west coast ..the Voom signal is not as strong as the east coast signal. And thirdly if it rains..which it did today..VOOM dishes get something called rain fade on their 18 inch dishes.But if you order a 24 inch dish there is no rain fade.But first VOOM has to look over the location of your area where you live and determine if they'll give you a 24 inch dish.
So whats with the fake promotion about how VOOM supplies you with all the equipment..sounds like a Lie to me so far.
I just hope that my VOOM install is'nt as bad as my Directv install was.I got rid of Directv. By the way,the Directv installer had a fear of heights.


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Dec 5, 2004
We just had Voom installed. We got the $1 install through a local dealer. He was very professional (has been doing both small and large dish installs for some time), and did a great job. He installed the 24" dish, and we are getting a signal strength of 97 here in central California. We'll see what happens when the rain comes.

Our initial impression is that the picture quality is much better than other small dish systems that we have seen. The picture on SD channels is not quite as sharp as what we receive with our big dish and Sony 50" LCD projection TV, but it is close.

The only problem we had was that the Food Network and HGTV would not come in. they both gave an Access Card error. We called Voom, and they led us through a few trouble shooting steps, and gave us a re-hit. When this did not cure the problem, they scheduled a service call for next week. A few hours later these two channels were coming in fine. If they are still o.k. tomorrow, I will call and cancel the appointment.

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City

welcome. Glad eveything went well. The Access Card Error is because those two channels were transfered to a security software platform. All the channels will be going through this phase. Hopefully, you won't the message again. Welcome again.


Dec 25, 2004
Bensonhurst: Brooklyn, NY
New Voom Install in Brooklyn

After reading the threads, I tried to get the CSR to agree/clarify certain things before I committed to 6 months
1. No fee separate OTA drop
2. Upgraded OTA upon initial install (Since my landlord makes my roof access difficult, I didn't want to deal with multiple visits)
3. HDMI / DVI cable provided
Well - My 12/23 install slot came (12-5) so I decided to lose a day's pay.
1:30 they called to say they were running late, and it would be closer to 5.
(Considering it was Sureway, and the posts I've read, this call surprised me)
5:30 still no Voom and no call. :confused: I call VOOM, Voom calls Installs...etc. - 2 minutes later the installer called to tell me they were still stuck on a job.
I had to extract and read between the lines to get them to finally come out and say "No, we won't be coming tonight". :mad: After calls to VOOM and to the installer's office (leaving messages), I got the install done early the next morning.
They did not put in the 2nd cable drop.
They put in the standard OTA antenna (Winegard Sensar)
They only had DVI/DVI cable.
(Great, 0 for 3) :mad:
The wiring job wasn't the best (no silicone sealant at point of entry, not enough wire ties on the drop, etc.) - but being it was XMAS eve, I just wanted it done with.
Luckily, I'm 11 miles from the Empire State Building, w/ a pretty clear shot - so the primary locals have a strong signal (using diplexer no less). :)
I haven't been able to pull in PBS, but so far, I'm not too upset - as I'm just starting to get familiar w/ the guide.
My only issue now is to get them to stand by the HDMI agreement.
So, I'm pretty happily VOOMing - finally seeing my JVC-DILA as it was meant to be seen - in HD !
Now, I'm just trying to find if there are any posts regarding the dotted green line down the right side of 4:3 pillar boxed programming. (And the static-y line down the left side of 4:3 locals)

I hope the Bath Beach (11214 zip) install notes help someone :)



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Apr 7, 2004
SatelliteGuystonfieldville, U.S.A.
VOOM will supply a free multiswitch for up to three rooms - you will have to supply your own or pay extra for a multiswitch required to support a 4-6 room install. In my case, VOOM supplied me with a Winegard VM-3400 power passing multiswitch.

VOOM will provide you with either a DVI-DVI cable or Component/Audio cables to connect your receiver and HDTV. Some installers supply only one set of cables (which is my understanding) while others leave all cables in the box (like my installer). Although there may be some confusion about whether the customer rates all cables in the box, there is no doubt VOOM does not supply its customers with a DVI-HDMI cable - they're just too expensive.

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