KTFQ-DT, has dumped TBD in favor of Charge! in Albuquerque's TV broadcast market.

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Jan 23, 2005
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Charge! TV Network was missing for few months I think, it's now back on KTFQ-DT, RM ch. 41.4 RF CH. 16.

Now looks little better on the picture quality this time around.

480i 16:9 WS, CC yes, EPG show's right titles, but still shows old TBD label on EPG banner.

Other stations...

So far no shows on NBC Universal Telemundeo O&O stations are LX and Oxygen TV Networks, still carrys Duplicates, 2 Movies!, 2 ME-TV both in SD video, 2 TBD one WS and pillarbox 4:3, 2 Telemundeo one in HD and SD WS and finally 2 Telexoes "SP" SD, WS.

KYNM-CA and KNMQ-LD is still never ending tweaking their subchannels, the picture quality and video framerates are terrible to say at least, low def. :p

HC2 does better job I think on their 2 stations KWPL-LD and KQDF-LD on the picture quality wise, the video's framerates needs to be smoothed out especially on Bein Sports Networks, English and Spanish.

So far no news on any local commercial stations have yet filed to FCC for a ATSC 3.0 CP permits.

That's the news from Albuquerque's TV broadcast market. :cool::hatsoff
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