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Jan 24, 2010
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Looking for the best Ku lnb for my 10' Bud I have an Co-rotor 2 installed and the ku lnb went bad. What is the best replacement?

Thanks in advance for any advice..
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Dec 4, 2008
North Carolina
it's not what you asked for

It's not what you are asking for but I decided after 20 years I would replace my lnb with something more modern. I tired the DMX 741 from WS International and really was looking more for C-Band. It has both C-Band and Ku Band built right in and uses voltage to switch instead of the servo. I was able to use my old scalar and I am getting around 71q on most of the KU band sats and around 81 to 84q on most of the C-Band sats. I haven't tried it on all of them but so far I am very happy with it. It's not going to be as good as the old fashion Ku band lnbs but it does a decent job from what I have seen....

I stuck it on my old 10' Sami mesh and it does a decent job. It is really touchy to setup and you need to take your time. Isn't going to be plug and play but with tweaking it does a decent job. I messed with it for about 3 hours trying for the best Q I could get. Mainly was just playing and spending time with my son...but it was a lot of fun! :)

You will see good reviews and bad ones but from my stand point it aint perfect but it do the job...
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Jul 16, 2009
Virginia (Near Roanoke)
KU LNB for 10 ft BUD

I have a 10' Bud (SAMI) with a Co-rotor 2 and have tried 3 ku lnbs with it, an Aspen 770 ku (0.6 db), a Norsat 4507A (.7 db) and a Norsat 4000A (.6 db). All of them worked quite well. I found that tuning the dish and making sure it tracked the arc made much more of a difference than which lnb I used.
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