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Apr 26, 2013
Ocala fl

Regarding KU Channels
equipment: Linkbox 9000i, Titanium asc1, 10 ft dish

Generally the equipment is working fine. I am in Florida
and can get from 58 to 121 degrees.

Galaxy 19 comes in just fine on C band. As you know C band
is very wide. Somewhere from 10 to 15 clicks for Galaxy 19.
I can get a few KU channels on other birds. It's back to how
to find a strong transponder. I've been on all 3 lists and they
are all out of date. I tried 11836 V 20770, 11842 H 22000 & 11867
V 22000 with no luck. Is the KU sat generally to the West of a
strong 98 signal or to the East????????? I've been going about
4 clicks to the West. For Ku I set the Linkbox to 10750 & Diseqc1.
Thanks for any help.


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Jun 10, 2015
97 KU and 97 C are at the same position if that is what you are asking. If you peak it for ku, the c band will 'almost' always be ok there.

What lnb/s and switching are you using?

* If you peak on C band, you can blindscan on ku...rather than hunt for a specific good transponder. * Then tweak ku for max signal.
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