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KVHI A5 system is Garbage! I recently bought one from a local dealer here in
Miami and was installed by a professional. After drilling a 1/2 hole on the side of my 120,000 dollars SUV which i sacrificed, upon installation... the Dam unit was DOA!!!! can you believe that? needless to say i was pretty mad. So... the dealer contact KVHI for a new one... which i had to wait... a week later... It was in and i was happy to get it, just in time for my trip. I was called in on Wednesday for the next day installation of the Black Sleek Saucer looking Antenna. This one actually work on the first try and i was happy... a 45 minutes to one hour drive later to my house.... work flawlessly without any problem. The next day... Friday... morning packing and the kids was happy with the TV in the SUV... 3 hours into our travels along the road... the antenna on the roof starting to make a loud rotations noises like a machine gun. For the next 2 hours it was so bad that we had to call the dealer how to turn it off! During turn off time... antenna was making all kind of noises like you were rolling a million dices on the roof of my SUV. So... during the trip... the kids were watching DVDs instead. 2 weeks later i am back at the local installer and they were very helpful in trying to get this antenna replace....keep in mind that this anteena was made during the month of April 2005. Now in July of 05, After 4 replacement antennas... I requested that they give me a refund on this antenna and demanded that they refund my money! and pay for the repair in sealing the 1/2 hole of my SUV. I was told to contact KVHI supports. Upon calling these stupid technician by the name of Caroline, she had no idea or even a clue of what the A5 antenna is. She told me that it was probably the ball bearings or something that is probably falling apart... so i asked her if this is a known problem? she reply... yes.... with a pauses, so... she told that she will get a technician to call me but nothing was done afterward! I'm still waiting.... All i can say is that i will never buy anything that have the the name of KVHI on it!! I am definitely unhappy with this product. It's garbage!!!


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