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Aug 2, 2009
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I say go for it!! Just get less sleep :)

I've made some progress with using dvbv5-scan. But, I need to streamline the scanning to significantly reduce the scan time and I need to find a way to convert the dvb5_channels.conf file to vlc and/or kaffeine file formats since they don't appear as an option for this app. None of these linux dvb scan routines impress me. Eventually I'll get around to writing C code for an app similar to Kaffeine but it'll take a while. Neither Kaffeine nor vlc is all that great for watching satellite TV. For now, I've written a C routine for generating an initial scan list that dvbv5_scan can use but it scans essentially all freqs and symbol rates based on that initial scan file that my program generated - the scan takes close to an hour to complete a scan on one satellite.

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Jun 9, 2014
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I'm going to keep the 9000i but I don't recommend it until they get the bugs worked out. I don't know if the 1080p problem is a hardware or firmware problem but if it's hardware problem then I won't expect it to be fixed unless they're willing to pay to have it shipped back for an upgrade.

I've had issues using the 1080p settings too with the Linkbox. Turns out the TV isn't supporting it very well, especially when most channels aren't broadcasting in Progressive Resolution anyway. So I just changed the box setting to 1080i, which I found out is better picture quality than the Progressive Resolution. As far as the time issue, you should be able to set the time manually in the menu, instead of off the satellite time. It should keep good time if you set it manually, and allow several minutes before and after your recordings. My dish was parked on 103W, and it kept accurate perfect EST for me. My only concern is if the Linkbox tuner was sensitive enough.

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