List of HD Channels Not Available on Dish Network: Version 3


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Jul 1, 2009
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At the present time, 3D appears to be the next possible candidate for a "List of ... not available" :) I mean, there has been already a little I'm-one-step-ahead-of-you going on in the 3D technology - IT all started when D* announced the launch of the 4 or so 3D channels in June. Then Comcast kinda stole their thunder with the Masters in 3D, but Cablevision beat them all(not that Cablevision really competes against COmcast) by showing a Rangers game in 3D.

In fact, I am really curious if Dish has any plans to show 3D content - I can't recall reading them. TO my surprise, Fios is also late in the 3D game, their announcement said something like later/end of the year.

I think Dish and other providers holding off on 3D may be smart. I don't think 3D is going to be the step in at home has too many hurdles to overcome first. I think 3D will become the next wave in gaming technology and soon, but for TV viewing it'll be a long time before it's mainstream.

As consumers, we just gone through one major transition with HD. Most of us have LCDs or Plazma sets that are only 2 or 3 years old and we're not ready to run out and buy a replacement because of 3D. Look how long Blu-Ray has taken to catch on because of it's price points and the fact that most felt that it didn't really increase the PQ enough to justify the cost difference compared to an up-convert DVD player.

I feel we need to work on improving our HD broadcasts. Both in numbers and quality before we go on to 3D.



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May 13, 2008
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My bad, I meant to say in the NYC Metro area - Comcast does carry these channels in Plainfield system and will carry them on Union system in May. Cablevision carries them. Time Warner Carries them. VZ Fios carries them. Directv will carry them. I am not sure about AT&T - maybe Scott can help.

In any event, I was TRYING TO HELP. I have pointed out a few times already the fact that Univision HD, Telemundo HD and Telefutura HD DO EXIST already. They've already ceased to be SD channels to be launched, that's all.

I find very interesting the fact that someone points out the launch of CSN California HD and, presto, it becomes part of the list of channels in HD not available. But when I and another poster let u know that these 3 HD hispanic channels have already been launched, no action is taken...

In fact, I have a feeling that Dish may lauch Univision and Telefutura in HD prior to the World Cup, so that the latino subscribers don't have to rely on the awful ESPN commentators.... Heck, I am not a latino but I'd rather listen to the "GOOLLLLL"guy than to Marcelo Balboa....

I've corrected nothing so far, so don't take it as a personal slight that I didn't make any changes for you. It may have been a mod that made the change. Heck, I just started this as a personal update to Adam's (DBSOgre's) list he developed. It is mainly (for me) to refute the belief that there isn't more HD out there to add.

But just let me point out that I highly doubt the location of the channels on this list will effect rather or not Dish launches them. Heck, I don't think Shorts HD or Nat Geo Wild HD ever showed on the list, and yet Dish launched them.


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Aug 2, 2007
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Telefutura and Univision are now live on Dish.

The premiums below don't exist in HD. Therefore, they shouldn't be on the don't carry list. They should be on the not launched list.
Encore Action HD
Encore Drama HD
Encore Love HD
Encore Mystery HD
Encore WAM! HD
Encore Westerns HD
Flix HD
Starz! Cinema HD
Starz! inBlack HD


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May 13, 2008
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Tried to give the list a refresh. I'll try to so some research and see if any new channels have launched. I think Qubo, Sprout, and Gol might be launching soon (in general, not on Dish yet)

Channels Available in SD on Dish Network not in HD – 14 Channels
American Movie Classics HD
Fuel TV HD
Fuse TV HD
Galvision HD (ANNOUNCED-Coming in June)
Independent Film Channel HD
Outdoor Channel HD
Oxygen HD
Telemundo HD
Trinity Broadcasting Network HD
Women's Entertainment HD

HD Channels Available Not on Dish Network Not Carried in SD, if available – 11 Channels
ABC News Now HD
Al Jazeera English HD
Live Well HD
MLB Network HD
Smithsonian Channel HD
TCT Network HD
Universal Sports HD
Vatican TV HD
Wealth TV HD
The Weather Cast HD

Shopping Channels – 3 Channels
Home Shopping Network HD
Jewelry TV HD

Premium Movie Channels (Excluding West Coast Versions) – 13 Channels
Dish has in SD – 5 Channels
MoreMax HD
Showtime Beyond HD
Showtime Extreme HD
Sundance Channel HD
The Movie Channel Xtraa
Dish does not have in SD – 8 Channels
@Max HD
MoviePlex HD
OuterMax HD
Showtime FamilyZone HD
Showtime Next HD
Showtime Women HD
ThrillerMax HD

Channels Not Yet Launched – 54 Channels
SD Version on Dish – 21 Channels
Chiller HD
Documentary Channel HD
Encore Action HD
Encore Drama HD
Encore Love HD
Encore Mystery HD
Encore WAM! HD
Encore Westerns HD
Flix HD
Fox Movie Channel HD
Great American Country HD
ReezChannel HD
Sleuth HD
Starz! Cinema HD
Starz! inBlack HD
Telefutura HD
Univision HD
Not carried on Dish – 33 Channels (Editorial comment: I doubt some of these niche channels will ever happen)
*-Indicates SD version exists
29 HD Network
3ABN Latino HD
Africa Channel HD*
Black TV News Channel HD
Blue Highways TV HD*
CNN International HD*
ComedyNet HD
Fight Network HD
Fox Sports en Espanol HD*
Gol TV HD *
Gospel Music Channel HD *
I-Life TV HD
ION Life HD*
Italian American Network HD
Jewish Life TV HD
Mun2 TV HD
Pursuit Channel HD
Qubo HD*
S|Sports TV HD
Smile of a Child TV HD
SoapNet HD
Sonbeam Channel HD
Soundtrack Channel HD
Sprout HD
TBN Enlace HD
The Church Channel HD
Three Angels Broadcasting Network HD
TV Games Network HD
Veria TV HD
Wine Network HD
Worship Network HD*

Regional Sports Networks – 17 Channels
Braves TV HD
Channel 4 San Diego HD (Padres)
Comcast SportsNet Northwest HD
Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia HD
Comcast SportsNet Southeast HD
Dallas Cowboys Channel HD
FOX College Sports Atlantic HD
FOX College Sports Central HD
FOX College Sports Pacific HD
FOX Sports Carolinas HD
FOX Sports Oklahoma HD
FOX Sports Tennessee HD
Madison Square Garden Network HD
MSG Network + HD
Mid Atlantic Sports Network HD
MountainWest Sports Network HD (2010)
Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network HD

RSN's NOT 24/7 – 26 Channels
Altitude Sports & Entertainment HD (24/7)
Comcast SportsNet Bay Area HD (24/7)
Comcast SportsNet Chicago HD (24/7)
Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic HD (24/7)
Comcast SportsNet New England HD (24/7)
Comcast SportsNet California HD (24/7)
FOX Sports Arizona HD (24/7)
FOX Sports Cincinnati HD (24/7)
FOX Sports Detroit HD (24/7)
FOX Sports Florida HD (24/7)
FOX Sports Midwest HD (24/7)
FOX Sports North HD (24/7)
FOX Sports Northwest HD (24/7)
FOX Sports Ohio HD (Cleveland / Columbus) (24/7)
FOX Sports Pittsburgh HD (24/7)
FOX Sports Prime Ticket HD (L.A.) (24/7)
FOX Sports Rocky Mountain HD (24/7)
FOX Sports South HD (24/7)
FOX Sports Southwest HD (24/7)
FOX Sports West HD (24/7)
FOX Sports Wisconsin HD (24/7)
New England Sports Network HD (24/7)
SportsNet New York (24/7)
SportSouth HD (24/7)
SportsTime Ohio HD (24/7)
Sun Sports HD (24/7)

Adult Channels - 3 Channels
Penthouse TV HD
Playboy TV HD
Spice TV HD

Foreign Channel Imports – 22 Channels
Aqua HD (Canadian, 3rd Quarter 2009)
Baby HD (Canadian, 4th Quarter 2009)
Aboriginal Peoples TV Network HD (Canadian)
Central China TV HD
Centre Stage HD (Canadian, 3rd Quarter 2009)
Clash HD (Canadian, 3rd Quarter 2009
Crafts & Hobbies HD (Canadian, 3rd Quarter 2009)
Disney CineMagic HD (British)
EuroSport HD (British)
Eureka! HD (Canadian, 3rd Quarter 2009)
Equator HD
Game World HD (Canadian, 3rd Quarter 2009)
Horror HD (Canadian, 3rd Quarter 2009)
Luxe TV HD (French)
Melody Zen HD (British)
MTVN HD (European)
Oasis HD
Seniors Life HD (Canadian, 3rd Quarter 2009)
Treasure HD
Women's Sports HD (Canadian, 3rd Quarter 2009)
Voom HD (Everywhere BUT USA)

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I haven't heard anything about QUBO HD, nor is there such a channel on their Master feed via C Band.

Sprout HD will launch in October, and GolTV will launch on DIRECTV in August.


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Telefutura and Univision need to be removed from the Channels Not Yet Launched – 54 Channels SD Version on Dish – 21 Channels category. That brings that down to 52 and 19 respectively.


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Sep 28, 2007
I may be missing something here. There is an asterisk against CNN International HD, and the comment says "available in SD". Where? Or did that mean, "available in SD by a provider other than Dish"?

I don't get CNN International SD? What am I missing?