List of UHD Discs That Utilize a 4K Or Higher Master

Speaking to Total Film ahead of the launch of 2017’s blockbuster smash in the Star Wars universe, Edwards stated that he had watched a screening or two of a 4K restoration print of Star Wars IV: A New Hope, George Lucas’ original 1977 film, and used it as ‘homework’ ensure that the continuity of his precursor to that film was accurate.

“The thing that surprised me, is that I hadn’t noticed until we looked at it properly, is that Vader’s eyeline is always higher than everyone else’s in the room,” added Edwards.

He reiterated this 4K news across several other media properties in his interview junkets, so it’s pretty obviously not a huge secret.

Add this one to the list


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Sony has announced the following:

The Fifth Element
Bram Stokers Dracula
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

I will most def be buying ALL.

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