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Nov 7, 2003
I know there have been topics before on what the differences are between DISH and D*. I have an 811 (that I'm not too happy with), a 510, and a 301.

What are the main differences in the D* version of those receivers? Is the guide super slow on the DirecTivo like it is on the 510?

Also, does anyone know if D* has a deal for HD for a new sub like DISH does?

I'm not too happy with E* announcment of possibly losing Turner channels and the outlook of no new HD for a long while.
I have heard that the DirecTivo has a slower guide than the Dish DVR's do. The functionality of the DirecTivo as well as price is better according to some, and the Direct receivers are smaller and turn channels faster, and are cheaper to replace. I believe DirecTv has a DirecTivo offer for $99 and maybe less. Someone more familiar with DirecTv could tell you more.
I switched last fall because I got tired of waiting for more HD programming from E* and because I began to notice among the various DBS websites that there seemed to be a lot less "bitching" from D* customers than from E* customers.

I'm glad I switched! I had a Dish 6000 with both 8VSB&PSK modules and two 4900 receivers and one 2700. I now have a Sony HD receiver, one basic Hughes and one slightly upgraded Hughes receiver. All 3 work very well and the picture quality (both OTA and satellite) on the Sony HD unit is quite a bit better than the Dish 6000.

My only gripe about D* is that their channel guide is not as logically arranged as E*, but once you get used to it, it's really no biggie.

Price is about the same. Both companies are better than most cable providers.

That's my two cents worth!
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