Looking MPEG4 receiver that can do tones used or new

Discussion in 'C-BAND Satellite Discussion' started by ken2400, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Looking to get an MPEG4 receiver that can receive tones for a guy I am helping out.
    Any makes and models that could be recommended?
    New or used.

  3. Are the control tones standard DTMF on a regular APID? If so, any STB could receive them.
  4. Need something that has separate auto out for TV station automation. Thanks
  5. So I assume that the cue tones are standard DTMF audio PIDs? If so, buy a a few STBs to provide the DTMF audio for the automation and another for the programming.

    No need for an expensive commercial receiver to provide combined programming and control signals when tones and programming could be provided by a few nice consumer STBs like the Amiko mini RE's or even cheap no name STBs...

    Another option is to use a commercial receiver with ASI or LAN stream and cherry pick the PIDs. Maybe the GEOSATpro rack models if >$1k is in your equipment budget.
  6. Brian's Q is important: Are there actually tones on an audio PID, or does it rely on the receiver to handle DPI triggers and then generate tones based on those.