Freesale in St Louis

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Aug 12, 2009
St Louis, missouri
Hi, haven't posted here for a while. Life changes made doing this hobby less of a priority.
This place always helped me and I'd like to help someone looking to startup a C or Ku band hobby.

I have an offset fixed fiberglass dish with a NPM. I never got around to working on this one. I was going to put a polar mount on it but my 10' with a dual LNB gave me what i needed.

My first dish was the prime star mini-bud. It's available.

I have a few DN dishes I used to take camping.

One Winegard 30" dish (I might have a taker for this one)

4 halves of two 7.5 perfect 10s. One has a bent frame. The other has bent panels. One good one can be made from these parts. It comes with one polar mount and enough arms (at least 4) to make one complete functioning dish. I probably have enough co-rotor parts to make one usable lnb for this. I might have a 3" pole for this. You will need a motor for this, unless I can dig up an old one.
I used this dish for years until I finally got my 10 footer up.

I might part with my commercial DC2 receiver and an azbox HD. (These are in storage and would have to be found.)

I'm in St Louis and would like to get rid of these asap. Pick up only. Next week I'll be driving this stuff 2 hours away to my brother's land for storage. It will probably be stolen for scrap before I will be able to get to it.

I'm keeping my 10' and my micro HD.

Let me know.


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