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  1. Folks, I have a suspicion that Canal Once has left 113W. It was at 3828 H 3799. I noticed it disappeared on Sept. 1, but as I have a 6-footer, that doesn't mean anything. Can someone check for me?

  3. That TP looks to be gone.
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  4. Which Canal Once?
    Canal Once Mexico is on 117W @ 4068 / H / 4000 and 58W @ 3720 /H / 27000

    Canal Once Honduras is on 117W @ 3950 /V / 11250

    I did not check them on my dish, but portaleds lists them as still ITC. (Portaleds is pretty well updated for Hispanic programming.)
    There may be other Canal Once's elsewhere as well.
  5. It was Canal Once Mexico, and it was on for years at 113W. It appears they left 113W in September. If they now are ITC to North America on either 58W or 117W, that would be news to me! Thanks for the Portaleds website.
  6. Just checked on my bud....
    58W @ 3720 /H / 27000 = Canal Once and Once Ninos are ITC. (Along with several scrambled channels) Strong signal.
    117W @ 4068 / H / 4000 = ITC as well. Signal level a bit low here, at least at the moment.

    Just a FYI.
    On Portaleds: When you are viewing the transponders listed on a Satellite, click on a channel name. A window will open. Scroll down a bit and it will list all Sats where the channel is available. Transponder Freq and polarity are listed as well.

    You can then get more details on the specific Sat pages. Some channels will be scrambled or out-of-footprint. So don't get too excited until you check the
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  7. Canal Once is on the Eutelsat B bird at 115 W 4109H. Coming in strong in Portland, OR but this satellite has an funny footprint that leaves out the Eastern US.
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  8. This just makes me crave a motorized
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