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Nov 5, 2017
London Ontario Canada
My Manhattan RC-1978 lost movies mux on SES-1 when coding changed. Several blind scans failed to restore them. Downloaded the latest software upgrade from Manhatan site (several years old) Put upgrade on SD card and plugged in to receiver. the programme (GX6622-MAN-08-0) partially loads then after 14 bars indicated shuts the the receiver off. Then after a few seconds it comes back on but programme not loaded . Have to go back and restart programme loading with same shutdown routine. I have redownloaded the upgrade from site and used a new sd card with same result. My cheap chinese receiver is able scan in with no problem. . Is there something wrong with my receiver or update sofware?
no but how come my chinese receiver can scan ok. . china receiver wont pick up audio on many channels.
What size is your dish? Now that the Weigel mux is DVB-S2 8PSK, it takes a little more juice to get them. I can get them in mid-Michigan with an 8ft dish and Titanium LNBF, that's very well tuned, and I have NO 5g issues.
I’ve been watching Start TV today with no problem. Northern lower Michigan. It is much weaker than usual, like quality 15. But I wasn’t sure if it was the beam, or the horrendous rainstorms we are getting all weekend.

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