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Sep 8, 2006
Anyone want to take a shot? I have two receivers, and dual in the bedroom and a 811 in the livingroom. About a week ago just watching tv in the livingroom the screen went to attention 015, acquiring satellite signal. OK, here is what I know now. The receiver in the bedroom still works fine, both channels. I didn't touch any of the cables before the problem happened. I sent a signal from one of the channels in the bedroom back through the cables into the livingroom and directely into the tv and one of the channels in the bedroom worked in the livingroom tv, basically saying there are no cable problems. There are 3 cables coming from the 500 and I swapped those around every which way you can think and always the two channels in the bedroom worked and the 811 didn't. I have a new 811 I just tried today and it has the same problem.

All of this is an effort to avoid the $50 service charge. Can anyone help. Thanks.
Ok, I'm not following. How many actual receivers do you have? I got the 811, is that the one thats not working? And you said you were only getting two channels? Need more specifics as to the type of equipment, and which ones are not working. If it's the 811, and you've gotten a new one, and it still doesnt work (in the same room as the old one), it very well could be a cabling problem(outside) or an LNB or switch.
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Both tuners of the dual tuner receiver is working in the bedroom.
Single tuner 811 is not working in the living room.

You swapped all of the cables around, so the LNBF's and the Switch should be okay.

Could be a bad cable between the switch and the 811.

Take the 811 to the bedroom.
Disconnect one of the two cables coming from the LNBF/Switch to the Dual, and hook it to the 811 and see if it works.

NOTE: To be safe (not you, but the equipment), you should power down all of the equipment when removing the RG-6 coax cables.

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Where's the switch? (It's gonna be worth the $50 :D )

Since you have 3 cables, there must be a switch, but it could be built into the LNBF.

I need to leave, but respond with your LNBF description, such as the name, how many ports on it, and how many cables from the LNBF, or LNBF's. Got to go, but someone will answer.
Thanks Smithy, I'm workin on it.

If the Lnb has 4 ports(quad) and you can somehow isolate the line going to the 811, you could try another port. Actually, same goes with the switch. I haven't seen anybody back me up on this, but I do know that individual ports on lnbs and switches can work, while others are bad. Of course that just indicates that the switch/lnb is on the decline, and should be replaced anyway.

I'm not as old and experienced as ole smithy, but I DO get it right from time to time. :) Of course that doesnt necessarily mean I have it right this time. It could also be a ground block, or splice or somebody cut the cable with a weedeater, or..... you sure you can't spare the 50$ just this once? heh.

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Roadwarrior has it right.

Since you have 3 cables coming from the LNBF, located on the dish itself, then I would say you do not have an external switch, such as a DP-34 or DPP-44.

Going back to what I had said earlier, and adding Roadwarrior's comments, here are the possibilities:
... (1) Not likely a bad LNBF port on the Quad since you moved the cables around and no change.
... (2) Grounding block located between the dish antenna and where the cables go in the house. But if you swapped the cables around here, then the grounding blocks are probably good.
... (3) Bad cable between the LNBF and grounding block, bad cable between grounding block and receiver.
... (4) Original receiver was bad, and the new receiver does not work because:
... ... (a) It is also bad, or probably,
... ... (b) It needs to take a software download before it will work with the Quad.

I think you should bring the 811 to the bedroom and connect it up to the dish using one of the input cables going to the dual tuner receiver. You may need to hook it up, plug it in but do not turn it on, and then let it sit for about 20 - 30 mintues to see if it takes a software upgrade.

If you get it working in the bedroom, but then it still won't work in the living room, then you probably have a bad cable run and/or grounding block.


PS - Here's some info on the DP Quad, see page 7 for software updates: http://www.solidsignal.tv/dishnetwo...des/DISH_Pro_Quad_LNBF_Installation_Guide.pdf
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OK, my system doesnt have an external switch, I think it is built into the lnbf. Also the reciever worked in the bedroom I have tracked it to a cable problem. FIXED!!!

Thanks for all the help!!!

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