Lubricating a HH Cband Ajak mount


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Nov 8, 2011
How often is it recommended to lubricate the halfmoon shaft of an ajak cband mount? and what is the best way to do it without taking it all apart. I had taken it all apart and greased it last year but recently my titanium ASC1 is not able to move the dish on the lower side of the arc without stopping frequently. I have to move it manually until it is on the higher side of the arc. I think that may be the reason it gets stuck but maybe that may not be it since it was recently greased as I mentioned. Any thoughts on what else can stop it from moving easily?

Magic Static

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Oct 12, 2010
The big gears on the AJAK can wear over the years and they wear in the middle of the arc where most the action is. So when disassembly/reassembly happens you can actually make the gear backlash too tight. So it moves fine over the worn area but at the ends the backlash is too great and binds the movement. You may have to find a happy medium between too tight on the ends vs too loose in the middle.

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