Making the switch from DISH, but I need to know the truth about some me please

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Jun 3, 2010
North Eastern PA
I called a help desk for a VOIP company once. I forget the name of them. I really couldn't understand the guy with the accent at all. I got very frustrated with him and told him nastily " I can't understand a damn word you are saying, could you please put me on the line with someone who speaks English?" He said certainly, and then put me on hold. After 20 minutes on hold, I had to laugh, because he gave me exactly what I deserved for being so rude. I had to hang up and call back.


Aug 19, 2007
I recently switched from Dish, (customer since 1995), to DirecTV. DirecTv installed quickly but LNB died after 1 day. CSR said would have a service rep here in a week! After my rant, they got someone here the next day. No problems since then other then none of the internet apps work, but don't really care about them anyway, but should work without wasting time on the phone! I absolutely HATE the program guide, 1 hour window, NO channel Logos. Pain in the butt to see what is going to record compared to dish! Look forward to contract expiring! All said though, I am extremely hardheaded according to my wife, and would never let Dish control my viewing choices, lied to me about losing AMC! One good point about DirecTv, seem to be less rain fade!
Please reply by conversation.

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