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Jul 23, 2005
Tek2000 just put up on their website that they have many 8' solid dishes with poles available. They are offering the dish with the steel pole for $350 and it's a polar mount. They are offering a complete kit with the actuator, LNBF and receiver and pole for $500.

I'm not a Tek 'fanboy' and I don't work for them. I've been here myself quite a few years now and just purchased a 10' mesh kit a few weeks back and have another thread going on the install process. It's just that their has been a dearth of new dishes and equipment in this hobby for many years and most of us are relegated to scrounging old stuff and making due.

I'm posting this because most people probably don't go to his website and I just want to make people aware of this opportunity to have a chance to get into C-band at a great price. After receiving my kit so far I'm pretty pleased with the overall quality, speed of delivery and the way it was packed. Just want to see more people able to get into the hobby and my experience with them is that they are being upfront with the customer.

He is running the special until Labor day or when he sells out of them.
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