May have to place my account on vacation, can I still use my ViP622s?



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My wife and I are both in graduate school and we just don't have much time for TV watching these days: my program is online and/or scheduled around my work, whereas my wife it in class four nights per week. Anyway, with the new fall lineup 50% of our time is spent watching OTA and 40% of the time I'll watch sports (hockey) with my *C and Slingbox while the wife in in school.

Dilemma: we love our two owned 622 and, ideally, would prefer to keep them active for recording OTA.

1. Is is possible to drop down from DishHD Platinum to OTA only? I doubt this will be possible, but even so the DVR fees, HD Enabling fees, etc. may wind up costing $50 or more just to use my own DVRs. Assuming that I must subscribe to a minimum of DishHD Bronze, can my owned 622s still be used to manually record HD OTA or will that function be disabled?

2. If not, we'll just use our Sony HD DVR with TV Guide On Screen and most likely place the account on vacation for a few months. Is the customer charged one flat fee or are they still charged per receiver? If the fees are excessive I'll just cancel and restart service at a later date.

Thanks in advance.


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1. If you own them, then yes you can downgrade, there is a $5.00 downgrade fee. The HD enabling fee allows for continued use of the OTA (including dvr). With Bronze HD, you can still dvr your OTA.

2. If you but account on vaction, there is a $5.00 (or something around that) a month fee, not sure if just for 1 receiver or for all. Do not think your OTA is supposed to work under that senario (but am not sure on that one). If you cancel your account totally, there is a restart fee when you resume (not sure on what that charge is).

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