Merged Cable and Sat signal??


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Dec 18, 2003
Lake Worth, FL
I currently have a 501 and our development supplies cableTV as part of the homeowners fees. The DISH guy hooked up the Sat signal so it comes in on the original cableTV cable. It is then split at the TV, Sat to the 501 and cableTV out to another TV input. It's handy because I can watch ED on Friday nights on cable and record JAG on the 501 off Sat at the same time.

There are also cable outlets in all the bedrooms. If the Dish guy merged the 2 signals (cableTV and SAT) together before the lines are split to go around the house, I assume there is also a SAT signal on the other cables? Sounds logical.

So I should be able to get both Sat and Cablevision just like at the main TV, right? Therefore, when I put the 921 (it's here and will be installed the end of the month) on the main High Def TV (I know I have to run another satellite cable to it), can't I take the 501 into any other room and hook it up to the original cable that has both Sat and cableTV on it and it should work fine?

Thanks - Terry
The satellite signal doesn't work the same way as cable TV. Each receiver needs to "talk" to the equipment at the dish.

So, for one satellite receiver, the installer could piggyback onto the cable TV line. But, you could not add more satellite receivers without at least some rewiring.

So, ask the 921 installer to run 2 new cables to the 921 if you want to be able to take your 501 into another room.

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