Mexipornia Wild Fires?

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Mar 19, 2010
Titanium, you near the Northern California wild fires? Or is anyone else for that matter!! Really bad stuff! :(
Received an ARES update today. Some of us from the local chapter will be heading over to spell the local ARES members at the shelters if this continues. So many are still missing. Doesn't look good with the strong winds returning this afternoon and the humidity dropping.

We are in the smoke up in the Sierra foothills, but fortunately the closest fire is 25 miles to the North. The bad fires in the news are on the West side of the valley. Drove into the Sacramento Valley this morning and they are spared from the smoke at this point. If there is something good happening, the low pressure is allowing the smoke to go to a higher elevation and not trapped in the valley as it usually is.
I'm about 20 miles southwest of Titanium, much lower in the valley. Where I live the smoke was at its worst this morning, but quickly blew off around 3 PM. The bad part of that is with the wind the fire gets worse, and the wind direction keeps shifting.

I have been watching coverage of the fire from the Bay Area stations in San Fancisco (KRON and KGO) with my OTA antenna. They are evacuating Calistoga and maybe Fairfield soon.

Hurricanes, shootings, and fires. What's next, nuclear war?
Its making the Great Lake states looking pretty good right about now without all the wildfires. Stay safe out there with all the wildfires.
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