Miami - Reception Problems with FOX and ABC


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Feb 14, 2005
Has anybody else had problems getting channels 7 (FOX) and 10 (ABC) in Miami?

I live in southwest Dade and can barely get these two. I have had to resort to adding an amplifier to the upgraded OTA antenna, and I still have frequent problems. I keep having to adjust the gain depending on which set of stations I wish to watch: when 7 and 10 come in, the signal gets over-amplified for the rest of the OTA's.

The installer and CSR's both mentioned that there is nothing else they can do.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
I too live in southwest dade and have ALWAYS had problems with channel 7 and 10. I did buy a OTA when I was with Directv a few years back. I use that antenna when I need to catch those channels.
Did you have to add any other gadgets to the OTA in order to get them?

It seems that the signal, to FOX especially, is so weak that one moment it barely comes in, and the next it goes out completely. My signal bounces around almost continously from 84-86.
Nope....added nothing and I have a very basic antenna .....looking to upgrade soon.....but believe me, it's not your antenna or VOOM, I have that problem ALL the time and more to do with the direction and signal strength.
I live in southwest dade also. I get 7 and 10 just fine. I have major problems with 4 though. Especially when the weather is cold.
I guess this really is not a big deal. It's just really frustrating when I'm trying to watch American Idol.


I'm really satisfied with the service overall.

Thanks for the feedback.
Channel 7 and 10

Hey, I live in South Dade, in Kendall to be exact. I have been having problems with channel 7 off and on since my install in February. The second tech to visit since then told me I needed the Channel Master antenna and he would report that to VOOM. He just left 10 minutes ago. I am waiting for a call back.
The Channel Master usually works

A friend who lives a couple of miles away from me got upgraded to the Channel Master and it solved his problem.

You should be fine once it gets installed.

Very rarely (my house) it needs a little help because of line of sight issues.

I have another neighbor down the street that didn't even need the upgrade. Although his antenna is mounted much higher since he has a two-story home.

hi, i live by the falls area can anyone tell me a good installer for voom, and can they use dish wiring and also just use my dish outside? thanks harvey
RG-6 Cable

As long as it is RG-6 cable it should work fine. I used RG-6 for digital cable as well as DTV. Dish probably uses the same one too.

They will provide you with the dish. Although you might want to check the VOOM Installation part of the forum to find out if there are other compatible dishes.

When I signed up (Dec '04) VOOM required that their installer do the job. I think they outsource most/all of the installs. It might still be the case.

Also, remember to make sure your installer checks channels 7 and 10, and (if necessary) orders the "Miami Special" (Channel Master antenna) at the time of installation. It will save you the trouble of setting up an additional appointment to check your locals.

Good luck.

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