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Aug 14, 2018
Edmonton, Canada
NHK World HD @ 58W should be a very stout signal. It is regular DVB-S with an FEC of 1/2. I remember it being one of the easiest to lock due to the insane FEC value and I was seriously considering putting up a stationary 1.2m just for that channel =)

This page has the coordinates:
How To Watch - TV - NHK WORLD - English
i only get about 37dbW at my location but due to very low FEC i might be able to pull it off. I will try when get a chance


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Jul 26, 2009
Washington State
based on the maps at, I would expect that you would have some good signal on 115W and on 105W, and maybe even on 139W.

105W has some radio transponders in DVB-S that might be easy to get
139W has the Alaska Mux in DVB-S, worth a try
Here in eastern Washington I have a 20+ point (94 to 70) drop in signal level after 139 W switched to spot beam.
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Sep 20, 2018
I tried 58W today on my minibud and was successfully able to lock onto 4160H tp. Watching NHK japan right now :)

Glad to hear it!

If you want another idea, try Dancing with the Stars @ 97W every Monday afternoon-evening. Very strong signal here, and it's only DVB-S with a FEC of 3/4. I've had success receiving this on a 1.2m in the past.
4160 V 32362

It'll be up for another 4 hours
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