Missing HD channels on "Guide"

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Jul 27, 2005
When I press "Guide" and "HD Channels" on my H10 receiver, channels 70 and 74 are not listed...? All other available HD channels are.

Any idea why? Is there a way to edit the list of channels that are programmmed in the guides?
Make sure you are viewing ALL channels and not a custom list. If you are in a custom list just add them. If you are in the ALL list and they do not show, try resetting your box or unplugging it for a few minutes and restarting it.
I checked all versus custome list and all the HD channels are in custom. I did the reset and still don't have the 2 channels in the guide list. Very strange. Any other idea? Do you have an HD10 also? Can you see all channels correctly in the various guides?
No I do not, but both my HD boxes have them and I took a guess. I find it odd no other H10 owner has chimed in to help you more specifically; so good luck.
I have an H10 and I'm missing HD channels on my guide as well with All Channels showing. Noticed this for a while.. Aggravates me but I haven't found way to fix it.
Just trried to repeat the set-up without improvement in the. It is aggravating and I don't know how to fix it. Does anyone knows a way to edit the guide configuration?
Tried everything you guys recommended so far, without success. Still do not see all the HD channels into my "guide" screen. Strange. Anyone knows if there is an engineering menu to configure the "guide" profiles?
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