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Dec 24, 2003
I have about a 2-3 year old Mitsubishi 48" HDTV. I just had an HRD-20 installed. The set does not have HDMI so I have things connected through component inputs. When the tech was trying to set things up and had the 1080i box checked it would not decode the signal. All we got were lines and snow. I believe this set upconverts the HD signal thus I think the only box I need checked is 480i and nothing else. When I turn to a HD channel it recognizes the signal and converts it?

Anyone have any ideas?
You would want your TV to accept the 1080i signal, otherwise you are not watching HDTV. Sending in a 480i signal will only upconvert to 480p which looks better than a standard television, but not anywhere close to being HD. What model TV do you have?
Try setting the box to 720. My 4 yr old Mits would only have a picture if set to 1080i, maybe yours is native 720. You will still get all of the channels as your TV will do the conversion.
Got it fixed

Thanks for all your suggestions. Trying to help the installer is sometimes a bad thing. I had the component cables going into the two inputs which were for 480i and not the 1080.

Things look much better now.

You might also consider a hdmi to dvi cable. I'm using a 2yr old 55 in. Mits ,and saw some improvement over component with my set ,also using an h20. Some decent inexpensive cables out there, check out
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