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Mark Strube

Mark Strube

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Jun 9, 2006
Wisconsin, USA
I love Nothing But Trailers, my DVR is set to record it everytime it's on. Awhile back they used to air some older trailers, for movies that have been released in the past 5 years or so... (Ali, The Patriot, Spider-Man 1, Black Hawk Down).

However recently, they've gone to just rotating the same new-only trailers over and over again. It'd be nice if they mixed it up some more with older trailers!

Heck... get your hands on a good print of the MATRIX trailer, Strange Days trailer, Kill Bill trailers, Lord of the Rings... there's a lot of potential.

I've emailed HDNet about this but nothing has really happened, so I figured maybe I'd get a bit more response here.

I know there's not that much money in playing older trailers... but c'mon Marc... that would just be cool. Imagine watching HDNet and suddenly an HD transfer of the trailer for Pulp Fiction comes on. Damn. :D
Max Wright

Max Wright

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Jan 10, 2006
Why stop there? I say go for some of the older, older movies. With HD-DVD & Blue-Ray being released, that means a lot of the movies have an HD trailer now that might not have before.

It'd be cool to get some of the classics in HD. If they've gotten an HD transfer for the actual movie, surely the HD transfer of the trailer wouldn't be that hard to get, plus it could promote movies being shown on HDMovies.

Overall I agree with the above poster. I love Nothing but Trailers and record (and watch) every other one.

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