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Sep 7, 2006
Manitoba, Canada
I have a SkyWalker DG-120A motor. I looks identical to the DMSI SG-2100. It came with the same guide DMSI has on their site.
I set it up and got it to work nicely. One day I turned to a satellite all the way to the east. I guess it hit the hardware limit. This shouldn't do any harm because there is a switch inside that turns of the power once it hits the limit. Anyway, afterthat, it would want to turn, when I pressed the west button, it would just nudge (move one degree) so kept pressing and slowly turned it west, then pressed the east butten and it started working. I had to reset it to 0 degrees again because it was off.
After that, it worked fine for weeks, now all of the sudden, using my usual satellites, it starting doing the same thing again. It just nudges to both sides, once in while it turns. Same thing happens when I press the two buttons at the same time, it doesn't go to Cero, it just nudges.
So it took it inside and hooked it up. It worked nice. Took it back outside and it worked for one night and back to the same problem. I read this post about a similar problem:

I opened it, and the sensor on this moter looks fine. Everything looks fine.
The only problem I can think of is that the temperture is down to 0 degrees C (32 F) If the could is the problem, I don't know what's going to happen when the temp drops to -30 C (0 F)
Has anyone experienced something similar? Any sugestions?

Thanks in advance for you help,

I use the Moteck SG2100 and its lasted 3 MN. winters so far and never misses a beat!

I would double check/renew all cable ends and do a factory default setting on both the motor and your receiver at the same time. (Go back to "0" on the motor first)

Check for voltage coming out of the "LNBF IN" connection on the receiver, try a H transponder then a Vertical transponder, do the same at the motor end of the cable....
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I've had one sg2100 blow out on me so far. It just stopped moving one day. I got a replacement that's on the roof now. Seemed cheaper to replace it at around 75 bucks instead of trying to get it fixed at parts cost + around 35.00 an hour + shipping to the shop. It might have been under warrantee still, but might not've been too since I bought it off of fleabay. The new one's working fine. Figure if the new one has some problems, I can use the old one for parts if need be.

The problem with the old one wasn't cold... it was my own fault. I think I got too much junk on it since I was trying to weatherproof the coax connections with sillicone. Don't do that.
Thanks for your responses. I will try what you are sugesting PBS, and post the results.
Mastermesh, I agree with you, it's propably more expensive to repair than to buy a new one if this one is broken. I also bought mine on ebay, and again, I figured it was more expensive to return it and pay for the shipping and everything than just get another one.
It could well be the ends of the cable, because I have use the same cable for different setups and have put it on and off many times.

Thanks again for your help and will post results.

i have found that my coolsat 5k ( i have 2 one is flashed with an early version sw) move the motor slightly different . i really prefer the way the latest version reacts with the motor.

and it might be the cooler weather but i've also noticed that 30% of the time it fails to move. easy to fix most of the time turn unit off and then back on. This is the older version sw 1.0 no problems noted with 1.01
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I have a Coolsat with version 1.00 in it and don't have that "cold weather" problem. My motor has lasyed through 3 MN winters already (coming up on a 4th). The Coolsat has been up for almost a year now :)
It seems like the problem was the cable ends, like you said PBS. I replaced them and reset the motor and it works now. Coincidently it's a little warmer today but if those motors are good for MN winters they should work in Manitoba too, specially now that it's not that cold yet.

Thanks for all your responses guys. You are all very helpful. I have recommended this forum to other people already.

Have FUN with you FTA's.

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