Motorized C-band with 2nd lnbf for circular?

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Nov 14, 2011
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Just wondering if anyone has successfully installed a linear lnbf with a circular offset lnbf on a motorized big dish, and what hardware you did to use it. I had some clamp and extending rods I bought for a Ku-band dish, but the diameter is too small for the C-band arms. It's a little aggravating to have to slide in the dielectric plate to watch those few stations. Would love to see some pictures!


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Feb 4, 2015
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You want the byrider LNB on a motorized dish?

Then, I guess, you will not be able to track the arc perfectly with the byrider LNB, both west and east.
You will follow the arc imperfectly, or must choose east or west for the perfect tracking, I guess, as far as my understanding goes (I've no experience with it myself).
How good or bad the imperfection works out, I don't know....

Other solutions I've seen:
Mount the second LNB higher than the first LNB (tracking good, but signal loss).
Or: an LNB-revolver (best solution! Google is your friend....).



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Apr 19, 2007
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I've never used one but I have a ku dish with a circular lnbf tie strapped to my standard lnbf on my 90cm. I can get from 61w to 129w on my side mounted circular lnbf. I'm at about 89.2w. I think you will get 40.5 with that bracket and another lnbf.

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Mar 20, 2006
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Have not posted here for a while but in response to circular polarization, i made my own feed using a Chaparral Polarotor and Av-Comm circular polarizer barrel purchased from manufacturer in Australia i am here in the states using a 7 1/2ft Winegard Quadstar dish getting decent reception on all circular polarizations using a Titanium ASC1 to set skew positions with polarizer it works wonderful with very little signal loss on linear polarizations its a lot better than using the Chaparral Corotor international feed no dielectric plate in the middle of the oppening.I have recently acquired a 10ft Winegard Quadstar which i will be putting up this summer i will be using it with this feed.I just had to machine the barrel on the inside to fit the Polarotor and the front outside to fit Chaparral scalar ring,here are some pictures of my setup.
Av-COMM barrel
Polarotor inserted into barrel
Mounted on dish
IMG_0709 (2).JPG
Setting on ASC1 Vertical +45
IMG_0708 (2).JPG
Setting on ASC1 Horizontal -45
IMG_0710 (2).JPG
Setting on ASC1 LHC Horizontal +90
IMG_0707 (2).JPG
Setting on ASC1 RHC Verical 00
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