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Nov 16, 2005
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Cover one receiver as you switch the other, start by programming code 00002 to av1 or av2:

1. av1 or av2
2. press and hold MUTE & SELECT, wait for two blinks, release
3. enter 0 0 0 0 2

Now switch back to the Directv device and enter the menu of the receiver:

1. menu> parental, fav's & setup> system setup> remote> advance setups>
2. press DASH key on the remote, its the key left of the zero key.
3. click on the Receiver #, to reveal a drop down menu, scroll to Receiver 2, thats if you are actually using code 00002 for the second receiver, if not then it would be one of the following:

Receiver 1- 00001 on the remote
Receiver 2- 00002 on the remote
Receiver 3- 00003 on the remote
Receiver 4- 00004 on the remote
Receiver 5- 00005 on the remote
Receiver 6- 00006 on the remote
Receiver 7- 00007 on the remote
Receiver 8- 00008 on the remote

4. click on continue, the remote will no longer control the receiver, slide to AV1 or AV2 on the remote which should have the code that matches Receiver # you picked in step there above

5. done and exit the menu
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