Moving (Really!!)


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Jun 4, 2004
I'm soon going to be moving (really, darn it) and I want to keep my current locals. It's only about 45 miles, but in a different DMA which doesn't yet have locals. I can see from searching that changing the billing address to my new address and leaving the service address the same will not be a problem, but I'm not clear about my telephone number. Since I will actually have a new phone number, do I tell Dish to change the phone number on the account also? Thanks.
Only the address makes any difference with Dish and DirecTV as to what locals you get. The phone number really does not matter.

With dish look out if someone moves into the house and gets dish. Only one customer at an address with them.
I did this with my parents address because at their home they were allowed out of market networks and they had Dish(this is 5-6 years ago)anyways I just told them I lived in Apt.2 at the same address,worked fine.

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