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Feb 25, 2005
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Back in Dec of 05 I wanted to upgrade to the new MPEG 4 receiver before they went to the lease agreements. I let the CSR know I may move in 1 year and did not want the 2 year deal so how much would I have to pay. After a while, we made a fair arrangement and paid $200 (I think) for the receiver.

Fast forward to present day. I am moving in 3 weeks and called DTV to make arrangements. My original intention was to cancel since I thought my contract was up or close to it and I was also shopping around for my options. Of course, come to find out I was set up for 2 years instead of one, with this information coming from their call center overseas. I was calm but upset because of my initial discussion with the CSR the year earlier. They put me through to retention in the US and we discussed. Needless to say I feel I got a fair deal but want everyone's opinion.

I am renewing for 2 years with the HD pack and getting the new HDDVR (when they get more) for $50. I also brought up the lack of HD and what other companies offer as well as the loss of TNT HD because of football. Because of that, they threw in a $10 credit for 12 months and 6 months of HBO and Showtime channels free. Since the DVR is on back order I am getting a second HD receiver for free plus shipping (I will have a new HDTV in the house) with the ability to replace it when the DVR is out.

Does it sound like a fair deal? I also want thoughts about how I can get the new 5LNB for the new house as opposed to the monster on my house now and if the installer would install everything needed to supply 2 Phillips DTV DVR's (each 2 inputs), 1 GAEBOA, my old HD receiver, and the new HDDVR receiver on the one dish.

Thanks for any input and sorry if it's such long reading. I know I don't comment too much but always enjoy learning and listening about everything that goes on here.
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Thank you for the reply. I see that many people read my post but no one left any response. It's not that I'm trying to get more, but I have seen so many people get so many different deals. Since they pretty much had me by the b***s for the additional year unless I paid, I just wanted a confirmation that I did get a good deal.
I also consider that a fair deal. Regarding the dish, you will only get a Slimline if they have run out of AT9s in your area. That said, the slimline is only slightly smaller than the AT9. it is shorter but a little wider. Your description listed 7 inputs so a single WB68 multiswitch will handle what you need.
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