Multi Sports Pak not included in AEP


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Dec 1, 2003
Orange County, CA
I just recently subscribed to AEP, much to my surprise it does not included the Mult-Sports Pak. If my memory serves me right it did at one point included the Multi-Sports pack. In fact I have a old brochure from Costco with the package lineups and it is included.

Does anybody remember when this change took place.
I have subscribed to AEP since the instant it was available. It has NEVER included the multi-sports pack. (If it did, I never would have subbed to the package) However their marketing material showed all the sports channels and has a barely legible line before all the RSNs saying, "Plus the RSN that serves your area".

There has cconstantly been confusion about this for people that missed that line.

See ya

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