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Feb 2, 2004
Hey guys... I found this site doin a little research on trying to get my satellite up. Basically I have trouble splitting the signal and will get into details later.

Setup: 1 Dual LNB dish, 3 Receivers. DirecTV setup.
How I have it: LNB to the Multiswitch, and multiswitch out to the rooms.
Whats wrong: No damn signal.

If I undo 1 of the cables from the LNB to the switch, and just put it into a regular splitter (just to connect not split), I will get signal but soon as I put it back to the multiswitch... NOTHING. None of my runs are longer than 100 feet, although to run the cable from my satellite to my living room, it is nearly 100 ft. The other 2 runs are about 30-40 feet. Could it be the multiswitch? I am using RG6 cable so it should be fine since I can still get signal if I dont use the switch for the 3rd room. Thanks in advance!

Sounds like the high voltage lnb port to the multiswitch is bad, or the cable connecors or cable connection is bad.

The receiver is sending a high voltage signal to the multi-switch to access that part of the dual lnb dedicated to 15-18 volts. You get no signal.

Placing a splitter in the line, blocks the 15-18 volt switching signal. The switch defaults to the 11-14 volt side of the dual lnb.

You don't say if you are getting only odd or even transponders, but for the information that you have given, this is the most plausable information.

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