Simple DirecTV/HD/Tivo Installation question


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Feb 3, 2004
I'll be getting the HD/TIVO when it comes out so I have what is probably a simple question for the people here. Currently I have an oval dish with the 2 LNB's and the open 3rd slot for SAT C. One line goes into the house cabling and I strung a second into the attic to reach my bedroom. (don't ask, some BS about the cabling in the house only supporting 1 connection.)

I will have the HD/TIVO in the loft and the old Directv/Tivo in the bedroom. Right now I only have 1 run to the loft, and 1 run (totally separate, up the wall of the house, through the attic, then down to the bedroom) in the bedroom. My question is:

What do I need to get 2 runs to each room (loft and bedroom) so that both TIVO's will be able to record 2 shows. Will a simple 4 way (1in-4out) splitter (in the attic) do the job or is a multi-switch (also in the attic) needed with a 2nd run from the satellite into the attic to the switch? I cannot hook up to the initial run that goes to the loft, as the house wiring is strange. I figure at worst I'll have to run another line from the satellite to the attic, but I'm hoping I can just split that 1 run into 4 (probably will need an amplifier?) and take 2 into each room.

To use the two tuner feature, you need two direct runs of cable from the multiswitch to each DirecTivo receiver. A splitter will not work.
You could inquire about a "stacker." What this device does is injects both polarities, LHCP and RHCP which is nornally chosen by variations in voltage, into ONE coax. Therefore on the middle of the stacking devices, you could place a splitter capable of splitting up to 2.4Ghz. Cannot explain it in FULL detail, but if you learned a bit more about stacking, you'll get the idea.
Techdood a stacker won't work for two satellites if he was only looking at 101 and not 101,110,&119 it might solve his problems. I would suggest running 3 cables for the HDTiVo 2for satellite and 1 for OTA. You can use a 2way splitter on the OTA for the 2 OTA tuners on the HDTiVo.
whoops. OK. I didn't see the multiple orbital. I am sorry. Either way, Stackers are way pricey and only considered if, like you stated, only 1 orbital was seen. Looking forward to what dishnet is cooking up with this DP+. From what i've heard on the retailer channel, it'd solve the multiple orbital dual banded 1 coax dilemma.

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