MythDora & VP-1020a Woes

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Nov 2, 2007
OK, so for months now I got the Pansat, diseqc, motor, etc thing down and everything is working great there after much work. I just may be exiting the newbie stage here - until...

I decided to buy a TwinHan (VisionPlus) 1020a card and install MythTV (via MythDora). It went through the install OK but I just can not get any channels/transponders to scan in at all. I finally decided to just cable up a single LNB to it and still no luck.

Can anyone out there help me out on what is the best process to get this done? I'd rather not bail and go over to a windows-based solution if I don't have to...

Please help...
I plan to get a card one of these days to use with knoppixmyth. Did you take the output from your receiver to the card or did you connect directly to the antenna/motor setup? If you didn't use the output from your Pansat receiver, try it and use it to move your motor to a sat, check for signal on receiver and then try scanning for channels on your computer....
I have a working DVB-S setup using Knoppmyth and a 102G card so I may be able to help. I have my computer set on the pass thru from my set top box since it does not seem to correctly set the LNB voltage to control polarity. Possibly you are running into the same situation which is why you are not getting any signal. Best bet to get it working would be to tune your STB to the same channel you want on you MythBox and have your mythbox connect to the passthru.

One thing that is easily overlooked is in the MythTV Setup program under the Capture card settings you need to select the LNB type by clicking the DiSEqC button. When scanning for channels the frequencies need to be entered in Hertz/Bytes so you would enter in 11997000 H 20000000 for Al Jazeera English on G25.
Interesting, do you need to give a specific H/B for each channel in order to scan it in or can you define a range (similar to that of the Merc II power scan)?

BTW, get enough snow in Central NY? Warmed up during Xmas, then it looked like you got hammered afterwards...
there is no scan available for DVB under Linux that I am aware of so you need to enter each transponder frequency and symbol rate. It will scan the transponder and usually find all the programs/channels sent on it. It sometimes has problems getting channels on transponders where they are not labeled. I've had better luck with those by adding the transponder first and then doing a scan on the transponder instead of doing it in one step.

I'm located right near the Pennsylvania border so do not usually get the lake effect snow and wind. It usually stays about 100 miles to the north. It was about 7F here a week or so it was almost 60F :)
Thanks for the information, seems like a pain doing that, probably not any easier on vista MC.

After college I drove down to Binghamton for interviews with Singer Corp (flight simulators) and IBM in Endicott....a long time ago... As companies moved out on NY, had to go south; I keep asking relatives when is Hillary going to create all those jobs she promised:)
I got so frustrated with it I decided to go with Windows XP and DVB Dream which works quite well. I may put in a new hard drive and give it another shot with suggestions posted here...thanks for the feedback.
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