NASA TV Moved to 105W....87W feed to leave 12/18

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hey garednman2002 here.

Just scanned 105 with my 6 ft special (59 dollars), and received hq1,2,3,4 loop. watched some nasa stuff and the kids version was on it.I was trying to scan in telemundo . I have scanned it in before when i first installed this dish, but now nothing. hq1,2,5 ,has some kids stuff. My boy is watching on hq2-loop about food sources, etc. getting 65 quality and 84 signal.
gardenman2002 here,

Sorry bout that :rolleyes:

Im getting my wife to enjoy fta. she wont operate the receiver yet, but she is telling others to go buy a dish and watch some good stuff!!
If only i could get her to install........:) The success is affecting my braincells, iceberg.
Nasa is gone for me. It was the only channels I watched on C band. I get 40ish signal but my digital receiver picks up only blocks. I'll try to fine tune the dish later. I can get 107.3 with my Ku band dish so I don't think its the trees. Its the size of my dish. : / I've watched NASA my entire C band life.

Who has an easy to assemble 8+ Dish reasonably priced? Sadoun has the 8 foot polar mount but since shipping is about has high as the dish I will need to go get it. Any other dealers the same distance from Charleston, WV with a better dish? :)
How big would an offset dish need to be to be the same as an 8 footer? or 10? :)
Either 8 or 10. Offset doesn't mean higher gain

Well I was thinking of a mini bud and it has to be a certain size to pick up C band. I think the minimum is 4 feet so what do you think the smallest to pull in 105 to pick up NASA?
I am getting the nasa and hits with a great signal with a 6 footer.

However can't seem to get nbc and other hd channels.
I am getting the nasa and hits with a great signal with a 6 footer.

However can't seem to get nbc and other hd channels.

I can get 40 to 50's now with some adjustments but not the 70's I had on 87w. That is on my Openbox S10 my Fortec star however gets digital blocks only. : /
Gardenman2002 here,

I was able to tune in the teelmundos when i first bought this dish, 6 ft 59 dollar special. i had my dsr410 running thru itfor hits.Now since i moved it and put up a 10 ft dish to scan the other sats, i have lost it but i can scan in the nasa feeds. Im going to play with my ele, az, and skew today and see if that helps.
i was getting nbc and telemundo on my 8'. then lost them when the snow came and haven't got them back yet. don't know if my dish moved slightly or what? charlie
Does dish network still have Nasa as one of their channels? I might have to resort to going back to Dish for NASA. : / or watch it online but that is no fun. lol
Dish still has NASA, but not in HD.
i changed my dmx741 to get a narrower band. that might be why i am not receiving nbc or telemundo now. supposed to be in the 40's today so might play with that. charlie
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