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Ice-T Says There's a 'Twist' in the 'Law & Order: SVU' Duggar-Inspired Episode https://www.yahoo.com/tv/s/ice-t-says-theres-twist-021200815.html
Law & Order: SVU is taking on Duggar family drama in Wednesday's episode and series star Ice-T gave ET a preview of what viewers can expect.The episode centers on a fictitious mega-family who becomes famous for raising their kids in a "virtuous" lifestyle on reality television. "All that stuff just makes me laugh," Ice-T told ET last week at Paley Center for Media's Tribute to African-American Achievements in Television. "You know, 'cause it's loosely based off reality."The episode, titled "Patrimonial Burden," shows scandal hitting the fictitious Duggar-inspired family, when one of their young teenage daughters becomes pregnant out of wedlock.
Josh Duggar Gets the ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Treatment—And It Is Glorious http://www.thedailybeast.com/articl.../articles+(The+Daily+Beast+-+Latest+Articles)
The first few minutes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit are always guaranteed to be equal parts insane, hilarious, and chilling. You know Olivia Benson and co. are in for a rollercoaster ride filled with twists and turns if, say, instead of your run-of-the-mill exsanguinated corpse (ligature marks optional), you’re treated to a dialogue-free musical montage or something even vaguer.And the seventh episode of the 17th season (!) of Dick Wolf’s SVU, “Patrimonial Burden,” opens with a truly eerie sequence: a purity ball, with a 13-year-old girl making a virginity pledge to her father (and Jesus) to remain as pure as the driven snow until marriage.“I make this solemn vow to you and my Creator to keep my thoughts virtuous, and to abstain from all sexual activity, until the day you give me to my husband,” she says.It’s a particularly incestuous clip from the particularly incestuous reality series 13aker’s Dozen, depicting young, tiara-sporting Lane Baker, the fourth of 10 children in the Baker brood, celebrating in a hotel ballroom with her condom-despising patriarch, Frank Baker. But, while the daddy-daughter duo are making eyes at each other and slow dancing to An American Tail’s “Somewhere Out There,” the poor little girl collapses. When she’s taken in to the hospital, they learn that she’s three months pregnant.
Desperate Housewives' Marcia Cross Joins Quantico as 's Mother https://www.yahoo.com/tv/s/desperate-housewives-marcia-cross-joins-221430366.html
Desperate Housewives‘ Marcia Cross is returning to her old ABC/Sunday-night stomping ground with a major recurring role on the network’s freshman hit Quantico, TVLine has confirmed.According to Deadline, which first broke the news, Cross will play the mother of analyst Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers). The ruling force of the Haas clan, Cross’ character has transitioned from decorated FBI agent to high-ranking Senator and now Vice Presidential candidate. The public sees a skilled politician, a passionate advocate for her causes, a force for good, but her family sees a different woman: one whose ambition comes before all else.Cross will be walking into quite the kerfuffle: It was just revealed that her onscreen hubby, played by Mark Pellegrino, is having an affair with newbie FBI agent Shelby.This marks Cross’ first major TV role since Desperate Housewives went off the air in 2012. She’ll make her Quantico debut in early 2016.
Ratings: The Voice Special Helps Lift SVU to Season High https://www.yahoo.com/tv/s/ratings-voice-helps-lift-svu-164705025.html
Leading out of a Voice results special — which drew 10.2 million viewers and a 2.4 rating, doubling Mysteries of Laura‘s most recent demo — Law & Order: SVU this Wednesday did 7.9 mil and a 2.0, rising 20 and 33 percent and hitting a season high in the demo.SVU in fact drew its best non-crossover rating since its September 2014 season opener.Closing NBC’s night, Chicago P.D. (6.8 mil/1.6) enjoyed its best audience of the season and a six-week high in the demo.Elsewhere in the ratings….
Ricky Wilson To Leave The Voice After This Series http://news.yahoo.com/ricky-wilson-to-leave-the-voice-after-this-series-104117639.html
Ricky Wilson has vowed that he will not be moving with The Voice over to ITV and would rather ‘bow out gracefully’ than stay on the judging panel.Confirming he won’t return for the 2017 series, Ricky told The Mirror’s 3am: “This is my last one anyway, yeah. I was going to bow out gracefully.“I don’t think ITV would want me. They would want to have a totally new show.“Don’t they already have a talent show, anyway? Y’know – called X Factor.That means that this series of the show will be the Kaiser Chiefs front man’s last.
Which SVU Squad Member Is in a "Horrible, Threatening Situation"? http://www.tvguide.com/news/mega-bu...=breakingnews&partnerid=yahoo&FTAG=YHF09b6e7d
One of Law & Order: SVU's leading ladies will be in a precarious spot when the show returns in 2016.And no, we're not talking about that cliff-hanger involving Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and her complicated labor and delivery. No, it's Lt. Benson (Mariska Hargitay) who's going to be in harm's way... again. "We're going to start off the year new, for people who worry about Olivia, with the scariest episode of the season," executive producer Warren Leight tells TVGuide.com. "We haven't quite gone this far with her since the William Lewis [Pablo Schreiber] stuff."
Chicago Fire's Severide Talks Tough, Locks Lips in Med/P.D. Crossover Video http://tvline.com/2016/01/01/chicago-fire-video-crossover-severide-kisses-april/
“You stay out of the OR, and I won’t run into any burning buildings, OK?”Severide and Dr. Rhodes strike that prickly deal in the upcoming Chicago Fire/Med/P.D. three-way crossover, and if you want to know what else the two-night event has in store, just take a look at this exclusive behind-the-scenes preview.VIDEOSChicago Fire Sneak Peek: Can the Med Doctors Save Herrmann’s Life?The stabbing of Chicago Fire‘s Herrmann is the central point of the teaser, as his firehouse colleagues swarm the hospital as they await word on his prognosis. (Hence Severide and Rhodes’ testy interaction.)After all, “You watch out for your own, and he’s family,” Fire‘s Taylor Kinney explains in the video.Also of interest: Severide and April’s blink-and-you-miss-it kiss. Might the crossover’s traumatic events reignite their long-ago fling?
NBC's Chicago Franchise: 10 Totally Plausible Ideas for the Next Spinoff https://www.yahoo.com/news/nbcs-chicago-franchise-10-totally-160628562.html
Next week, NBC will air the first crossover among all three of its Chicago shows — and perhaps plant the seeds for the next offshoot?On Wednesday’s episode of Chicago P.D., viewers will meet an Assistant State’s Attorney, played by Revolution‘s Maureen Sebastian. While the character’s introduction is hardly an official declaration that another Windy City-set show is in the works, it got us thinking about how a Law & Order-esque offshoot — let’s call it Chicago Legal — would be the most natural extension of Dick Wolf’s latest empire. After all, someone has to try P.D.‘s criminals.Below are nine more spinoff suggestions, some of which might seem a little silly, but they could work with the right execution. And hey, we’re sure the NBC execs have been pitched crazier ideas than Chicago Deep Dish! (Yes, that’s one of the following pitches.)
'Chicago Fire' Boss on "Emotional" Three-Show Crossover, Third Spinoff Rumors https://www.yahoo.com/movies/chicago-fire-boss-emotional-three-show-crossover-third-170000707.html
The Chicago trilogy is going somewhere its never gone before for its three-show crossover: the courtroom."When you do new things, you get butterflies. Your initial reaction is, 'Whoa, we haven’t done that. How do you do it?' Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. showrunner Matt Olmstead tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Then you realize that it was a blessing because it takes you out of your comfort zone and you're doing new things, flexing new muscles. Working on the trial aspect of it was different and refreshing."Although the Chicago P.D. team endured the trial of serial killer Greg Yates (Dallas Roberts) in an April episode of Law & Order: SVU, this was the first time the writers on P.D. tackled the legal world themselves. Thankfully, Olmstead and his writers had two important resources to help guide them: a Chicago-area attorney and Law & Order creator (and Chicago trilogy executive producer) Dick Wolf."The framework was presented very quickly and clearly from Dick," Olmstead says. "So we embraced it."
Get the scoop on the intense Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med crossover http://www.ew.com/article/2016/01/04/chicago-fire-pd-med-crossover-spoilers
For what is sure to be the first of many, the Chicago shows will unite this week for an epic three-way crossover on Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D.During the two-night event, Med’s team rushes to save Fire’s Herrmann (David Eigenberg), who was stabbed in the winter finale, while P.D.’s unit searches for the culprit. Meanwhile, Firehouse 51 responds to a call that leads to a shocking discovery that will rockP.D.’s Voight (Jason Beghe), while P.D.’s Roman (Brian Geraghty) faces the consequences of killing a suspect in the winter finale. Can he prove it was a good shoot? EW caught up with executive producer Matt Olmstead to get the scoop:
Chicago Crossover Recap: Herrmann's Fate Revealed — Plus, a Surprise Kiss and a Long-Awaited Engagement http://tvline.com/2016/01/05/chicago-fire-med-pd-crossover-severide-april-kiss/
There was a heavy mystery to solve as Firehouse 51’s rescue led the doctors to discover that a string of cancer-free women were given lethal overdoses of chemo.But considering the bloody cliffhanger on Fire‘s last episode, you’ll have to forgive me for skipping over the case of the week and getting straight to Herrmann’s fate, as well as not one, but two big romantic developments.After several ups and downs and various complications, Herrmann survives the stabbing – but not before Dr. Connor Rhodes and Severide get into an argument about his medical care. The firefighter questions the doc’s treatment plan afterlearning from P.D.‘s Jay that his brother, Dr. Will Halstead, wouldn’t have waited so long to operate on Herrmann.

'Law & Order: SVU' Boss Previews Benson's "Hellish Nightmare" and New Relationship https://www.yahoo.com/movies/law-order-svu-boss-previews-bensons-hellish-nightmare-160000778.html
Law & Order: SVU returns Wednesday after a nearly two months off the schedule, and the long-running procedural is showing no signs of slowing down.In addition to the highly anticipated Chicago P.D.crossover — which sees the return of serial killer Greg Yates (Dallas Roberts) — the second episode of the new year will see Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) held hostage in what showrunner Warren Leight calls "the most disturbing episode" for Benson fans since the heroine was kidnapped and held hostage by William Lewis (Pablo Schreiber) more than two years ago."It's pretty rough going all the way through," showrunner Warren Leight tells The Hollywood Reporter.The episode, called "Townhouse Incident," centers on a home invasion gone bad with Benson stuck right in the middle. "It almost feels like it takes place in real time at gunpoint in the middle of a home invasion so it has a different clock to it," Leight says. "Benson, a little stressed, steps into a hellish nightmare, drops her guard for a nanosecond and there goes, possibly, her life."
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'Chicago P.D.' Boss Talks Voight's "Bittersweet" Victory, Series "Reset" and Linstead's "Bond" http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/chicago-pd-boss-talks-voights-852061
[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Wednesday's episode of Chicago P.D., "Now I'm God."]Chicago P.D. closed out its first episode of the new year on a very different note than normal. Instead of a joyous celebration at Molly's or a shocking cliffhanger, the final hour of the three-show crossover wrapped with an emotional Voight (Jason Beghe) drinking alone and watching old home MOVIES of his late wife, Camille."It's a complicated reaction to the culmination of this investigation in that it's not, 'Hell yeah we got 'em,' " Chicago P.D. showrunner Matt Olmstead tells The Hollywood Reporter. "There's still a little confusion: 'Did I get all the answers I was craving? At the very least I put someone away who was responsible for this,' but it’s a bittersweet victory if ever there was one for Voight and its captured in a pretty magical way."
‘Shades of Blue’ Review: Jennifer Lopez Drama Stands Out From Cop-Show Crowd https://www.yahoo.com/tv/shades-blue-review-jennifer-lopez-drama-stands-cop-233937053.html
Lopez stars as Harlee Santos, a single mom and New York City detective who’s forced to act as an FBI informant on her tight-knit, morally-compromised crew, lead by Lieutenant Matt Wozniak (Ray Liotta). The cops take kickbacks in exchange for “keeping the peace,” working with drug dealers to arrange that they stay on certain corners, and swiping the odd designer top when a boutique is short on its security payment. Santos does it for the sake of her 16-year-old in private school, whom “Woz,” as she calls him, supports emotionally and financially.The moral justification for corruption is admittedly a bit half-baked. Exhibit A: how Harlee explains to a fellow cop why she’s helping him cover up his accidental shooting of an innocent civilian.

‘Law & Order: SVU 17×10 Recap: It’s Hard to Talk About, But We Must http://observer.com/2016/01/law-order-svu-17x10-recap-its-hard-to-talk-about-but-we-must/
If you think about it, school is where kids spend most of their waking hours and it’s where their vulnerabilities are more evident than anywhere else. Whether it’s academic or social frailties, school is the locale where there are no relatives to coach, cajole, counsel or PROTECT the ever evolving psychological, psychical and hormonal structures growing and changing in a child. While there are no blood relatives there for support, there are adults who are supposed to be overseeing proper development amid all of these complexities. Those adults are expected to act as advocates for the kids in their care, but sadly, all too often, they don’t take that responsibility the way they should.In this episode of SVU, it’s established right away that a nubile female teacher is preying on her male students, having sex with them on school grounds. Then, the narrative takes a turn when the teacher, brought in for questioning in the case of a missing boy, admits to what she’s done but insists that she’d not responsible for young Zach’s disappearance.

NBC Orders DC Comics, Marlon Wayans Comedy Pilots https://www.yahoo.com/tv/nbc-orders-dc-comics-marlon-wayans-comedy-pilots-231500384.html
NBC has ordered four new comedy pilots, including one based in the DC comics UNIVERSE AND another starring Marlon Wayans. “Powerless” is a single-camera office comedy set in the DC Comics universe, following the lives of the average employees at an insurance company and their quest to find their own power. Ben Queen is writing and executive producing the pilot with Michael Patrick Jann directing and executive producing.“Marlon” is a muti-camera comedy loosely based on the life of Marlon Wayans. It centers on an inappropriate but loving father (Wayans) committed to successfully co-parenting with his polar opposite ex-wife. Chris Moynihan is writing the series, in addition to executive producing along with Rick Alvarez and Michael Rotenberg.
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'Chicago Fire' Boss Previews Casey's Foray into Politics, Chili's "Offscreen Tragedy" https://www.yahoo.com/movies/chicago-fire-boss-previews-caseys-foray-politics-chilis-163000458.html
Now that Herrmann (David Eigenberg) is out of harm's way, there is just one burning question left from the first half of Chicago Fire's fourth season: What is going on with Chili (Dora Madison)?After a relatively drama-free transition into becoming Brett's new partner, the EMT's erratic behavior has become apparent not only to her colleague (Kara Killmer) but her new flame Jimmy (Steven McQueen). In addition to showing up late for work, Chili most recently was seen sobbing by herself while everyone waited to get the latest news on Herrmann.Showrunner Matt Olmstead tells The Hollywood Reporter her dilemma will hit a "crescendo" in upcoming episodes."Inside the house, she's been a free spirit character in the show," he says. "Then we really wanted to pursue a storyline of what happens when someone starts to go off the rails, especially in a job like the one they're in because it's such a unique position in that you live with people for 24 hours. It's not eight hours and then you leave. You're completely in each other's business. You're forced to be. You have to work stuff out."
'Law & Order: SVU' Star Mariska Hargitay Reveals How Benson Will Get Past Latest Trauma https://www.yahoo.com/movies/law-order-svu-star-mariska-hargitay-reveals-benson-030000778.html
[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Wednesday's episode of Law & Order: SVU, "Townhouse Incident."]The battle is over, or has it just begun?Wednesday's episode was one of the toughest hours of Olivia Benson's life. After her babysitter asked Benson to go check on a family she believed might be in danger, the Lt. suddenly found herself right in harm's way and with a gun pointed at her head when she was taken hostage as part of a dangerous home invasion.And she wasn't alone. In addition to trying to save herself, Benson was tasked with taking care of a teenage girl and her younger brother while their mom was out trying to get the mad men their money and their father was seriously injured.
'Chicago Law': Biggest Burning Questions About NBC's Latest Potential Spinoff https://www.yahoo.com/movies/chicag...uestions-nbcs-latest-potential-175254647.html
It didn't come as a surprise to many, but Thursday's news that yet another Chicago series, Chicago Law, is officially in development at NBC still raised eyebrows. Despite the solid performances of flagship series Chicago Fire as well as spinoffs Chicago P.D. and freshman Chicago Med, as well as the speed with which the franchise has grown, there are still skeptics. Will four be too many shows in one franchise? How would Chicago Law fit in with the rest of Windy City series? And, perhaps most importantly, is there room for Chicago Law and stalwart sister series Law & Order: SVU to coexist? Here, The Hollywood Reporter takes a deep dive on the potential new series to ease those – ahem – objections.
These 16 Law & Order Episodes Were Shockingly Based On True Stories http://www.refinery29.com/2016/02/100509/law-and-order-svu-true-stories#slide
But how much do they, or you, really know about the show, other than the obvious relationship goals that are Detective Olivia Benson and Detective Elliott Stabler?For instance, did you know that a good chunk of the primetime crime show is based on real-life crimes?We're walking you through 16 of the craziest episodes ripped straight from the headlines, starting with Season 1. There are a few spoilers, but we tried not to reveal any of the best plot twists. Consider this your “Fact or Fiction” guide for your next binge-watching spree. And to that whole beginning spiel, “The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event,” we say LOL. We all know that truth is stranger than fiction, so why shouldn’t the writers use some true crime reports to inspire the fictionalized crimes, and the offenders who perform them?

SVU Boss Eyed Chris Meloni for Finale https://www.yahoo.com/tv/svu-boss-eyed-chris-meloni-175403354.html
NBC’s decision last week to renew Law & Order: SVU for an 18th season means fans will have to wait at least another year for a Benson and Stabler reunion.SVU showrunner Warren Leight reveals that had this been the show’s final season, he would’ve approached Chris Meloni about bringing Stabler back. “Had this been the last episode, we would have tried to bring him back,” the EP tells The Hollywood Reporter.Meloni left SVU at the end of the show’s 12th season after contract talks between the actor and NBC broke down. Stabler was consequently never given a proper sendoff.“In hindsight, NBC, Dick, Universal and Chris all know they could have handled that better,” Leight says. “But I think Chris, over time from what I hear, began to realize that the fans were owed a little more…. It was a negotiation handled without much empathy on any of the participant’s parts and I think they all sort of know that now. And there wasn’t much empathy for the fans either. I think everyone probably learned, but you can’t roll the clock back.”
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Shades of Blue Hits J.Los http://tvline.com/2016/02/05/shades-of-blue-episode-5-ratings/
As You, Me and the Apocalypse dropped 29 and 25 percent from its premiere — drawing 3.5 million total viewers and a 0.9 demo rating (per finals) — NBC’s The Blacklist (6.5 mil/1.5) dipped a tenth and Shades of Blue (5.6 mil/1.1) slipped 14 percent and two tenths (to hit series lows).NBC notes that the J.Lo drama nonetheless is improving on the 10 o’clock hour’s pre-Shades, non-sports, non-specials average by 38 percent. UPDATE: Renewed!Elsewhere in the ratings….