'NCIS' : New Orleans

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  1. All I kept thinking of was Kathy Bates in 1990’s Misery..
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  3. Without the sledge hammer to the ankles, part of course.:D
  4. This time I was able to watch the whole episode, yep all the way to the kiss at the end.
  5. Hopefully it's just me and not the show, but again I didn't find it as interesting as to be able to watch it to the end.

    No lesbian kiss on this episode, at least in the part I watched.
  6. They kissed during the ending credits ,you just didn’t notice.:biggrin
  7. Regretfully this is the best of the NCIS shows but still dreadfully lacking.
    Scott Bakula needs to take advice from Abbey he is showing his age even worse than Gibbs.
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  8. I enjoyed this past weeks episode.
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  9. What happened to NOLA is CBS trying to help SEAL TEAM and kill Bull
  10. Tis the season of,not so Specials,repeats and effed up schedules.Your programming will return in January,maybe.;)
  11. Yup, it's what become common now, the Winter break .... shows may come back in January or maybe March. Ugh.
    Great way to keep your audience ... :coco
  12. I think that networks went to Winter Finales so they could have a dead time for programming and fill it with Reruns and Specials for the Holidays. It lets them stretch their season out so it will go to May ,without having to fill that two months with New programs which saves them production costs for each show. Notice how a full season is now around 13 - 22 episodes ,depending on what company makes it? Back in the 60s a normal run of episodes per season was 39 a year , and by the early 70s it dropped down to 26 a year. The 22 episodes per year were standard since the middle to late 1970s. Now they are talking about running only 10 episodes instead of the 13 we have been getting. At a certain point they can't drop the number of episodes any further because a show can't develop an audience or keep one and the advertisers base model doesn't work any more.
  13. They'll all be back next week. Not sure if episode 11 will air on the 19th or in January after the holidays.
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