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May 25, 2004
i just got my new mitsu 55 in HD RPTV...hd from direct tv here in ny looks awesome, but my problem is this: when watching a DVD from my progressive scan player, tight shots looks really great but wide shots, especially when black and red are close together, i see lousy resolution with this black horizontal lines through the picture.
My other issue is we werent about to give up our TIVO, which of course now doesnt look to great either now, even running component to the tv and letting it upconvert to 480i, is this all a twqeaking issue? I've ordered the Avia disk to help in the setting up. What are the opinions out there when it comes to scalers/doublers? i'm thinking of running the tivo through a scaler to upconvert it to 1080i before it hits the tv.

all thoughts appreciated!

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