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Jul 4, 2006
After reviewing the Shaun Kenny Video many times thanks to Linuxman, and the warmer weather I started readjusting the 12 Footer. Dropped the Declination about as far as it will go, then started with Elevation, and today I ended up with about 7 degrees. That is the Declination = 56 degrees and the Elevation = 49 degrees after today. The objective is: 57.18 Declination, and 50.57 for Inclination, or 6.61 degrees.

Using the Trimax 2200 Sat Meter and slightly moving the dish to the right I was able to get many of the Tp's on my South Sat - G25 99.0W. The problem is I still cannot pickup Tp 11966, or Tp 12155, both have S = 74 but Q is sporadic jumping from 0 up to 25 at times. Most of the other Tp's are okay , ie on Tp 12177 S = 72 and Q = 65. This is exactly the same problem I had when my Declination angle was 10.0 degrees, ie I started at 57.5 Declination and 47.5 Elevation.

My question: Should I continue to move Elevation up toward 50 degrees from its current 49 degrees? Using the Inclometer it is nearly impossible to adjust for 6.61 degrees, I've got it at about 7 degrees. Or what else can I try, to pull in the missing Tp's on 97.0W? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry about that I said my south Sat was 99.0W when in fact it is 97.0W.
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