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Jun 17, 2004
We just got 3 one year old boxes from my mother in law and i have an old dish that i used about 3 years ago and still had up on my home. I hooked up one of the boxes up and it still has a week or so of service on before the last month in her contract is up.

She decided to get I0 from Cablevision.

the receivers are only 1 year old, BUT... I just called and they told me they WILL NOT hook them up. They told me its not there policy to hook up used equipment!!!!

I don't get it! I gave them the info from the boxes and they told me to order new stuff or they cant help me. Now i hooked it up and get 78-96 on the transponders and was watching TV for 3 hours then the box cut out and told me to call customer service at extension 726. I did that and they told me to take a hike.

I had all the account info from the past user, but they told me that account did not exist and that the numbers i gave them for the access card and receiver could not be used. WTF!

I don't want any contracts, and i can get an LNB on eBay for $3 i wanted TV for the lowest price. I don't want local channels. I don't want contracts. and i only need 2 TV's. I just don't feel like going and spending money i don't have to. If it don't work out, ill do what have done for the past year.. NO TV at all.

My real question is how can i transfer the equipement to my name? Also i don't have a land line, only have cell-phones in my home. I don't care about pay-per-view. Any info wold greatly be appreciated.

Thanks Guys!
Call back and tell them you want to activate this equipment.They will need to send you new cards(20.00 each),they will not activate the old ones on a new account.You do not need to sign a 1 year contract as long as you stay away from any of their "special offers".You don't "transfer" the equipment or account to your name.Just tell them you have used equipment and want to activate it.Phone lines are NOT needed except for PPV ordering with remote control.

Call 1-800-730-4742 to activate.If the tech tells you no again ask to speak to a someone else.
does it matter that i have never had an account. This will be a new activation. I think i might just go get all new stuff and say F-It :what
Do the receivers have RID #'s? If they don't that may be the reason they wont activate them... D* wants everything to be married to the new card?

Card # , Serial # , and RID #

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