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Nov 25, 2009
Hey guys,

I'm in a bit of a pickle here.
I'm not huge on all this technology, which is why I came here for hopefully some help.

I was at my grandfather's place and realized he barely got any channels on his expressvu anymore. He said that its been this way ever since the people in the upstair apartment had canceled their satellite. Now my question is; Why would he still get some channels? He gets any channel that is on an odd numbered transponder. None that are on the even ones. He readjusted the dish, and its at 100%. He also tried both Satellites, 87 (not sure?) and 91. But only 91 seems to work.

How should I go about this problem?


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Apr 15, 2007
I would guess that there is a switch of some king in the other apartment, I am suspecting an SW44 at the Dish with the Power Supply/Inserter in the other unit. If the Power is killed to the switch it could cause this problem.

Please tell us what model receiver he is using and if you can see a switch at the Dish please.

If there is no requirement for Bell TV in the upstairs apartment and it is an SW44 issue, you will have to bring the Power Supply/Inserter down into his unit and connect to the line feeding his receiver. This line will then have to be located at the SW44 and put onto Port #1 for it to work correctly.

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