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Jun 22, 2007
I installed a sg2100 motor to drive a 36 ins dish . all the setting was done correctly from the manual instruction .I am using a invacon lnb with two Linear and two circular connections. the connection to the motor ran via a diseqc from the lnb which is used to connect one linear and one circular port of the lnb. I used USUAL on my Viewsat Ultra for the motor setting. I was able to drive the motor to to locate these sat. 110,119,91,82, and 61.5 , I am getting an average Signal of 67% and quality 87%. I am able to scan these sat watch these channels without any problem. Now the mystery is I am unable to get any quality from any of the FTA birds for 97 i am getting good signal strength 70 % but 0 quality. i tried other FTA birds with the same results. Could it be the Diseqc that is preventing me from communicating directly with the fta SAT..I assume all is well with the the installation if I am able to to communicate with % bird easily .
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May 6, 2005
Metro New Orleans, LA
The pay service DBS satellites are always more powerful than the linear Ku FTA satellites. If you're only getting 87 quality on DBS birds using a 36 inch dish, I suspect your alignment is not optimally tweaked. This would explain why you're not getting signal from the linear birds, which require a more precise alignment to receive. Also, are you setting your receiver up properly to switch to whatever port on the DiSEqC switch the L output from the Invacom is connected to? For example, if you have L connected to Port 1 and C connected to Port 2, in your setup the linear sats must be set to look at DiSEqC Port 1 and the circular sats to look at DiSEqC Port 2.

Correct order for connection of the LNB, switch, motor, and receiver is as follows:

LNBF -> DiSEqC (or other) switch) -> Motor -> Receiver
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May 18, 2008
Sudbury, ON
I don't know if the software in your Viewsat is the same as my Viewsat PVR 7000 but mines a bit flaky and I had what seems to be the same problem. I did the following for 97.0w:

1) Go to Antenna Setup and select Intelsat 5 (97.0w).
2) Enter the Drive motor setup or press F1 and change from TP freq 11798 (no quality) to 11898.
3) Change Mode from Mode 1.2 (motor) to Mode 1.3 (USALS), enter in your proper long/lat, then down to Goto Position, press the blank box to move the motor and wait about 15 seconds for the motor to get into position you should see the signal go up.
4) Change motor Mode back to Mode 1.2 (motor) remember each time you hit fine tune change the TP Freq from 11898 to 11874 and back again to get quality levels working again. When you find the highest quality don't forget to Store Position.
Note: If you move fine either east or west lets say clicking it twice you should need to click it twice for all the other linear birds and thats the direction you may need to rotate your motor if you want it perfect. With my Viewsat I can get signal 75% and 62% quality on TP 11898.

For Galaxy 18/10r 12078 also shows the highest quality for me and I can add more when I get home.
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