Need info on sonicview sv-360 elite unit

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Dec 8, 2005
Seaford, NY
If iceberg or any one has had any experience with this unit..had purchased an ilink is-8000 unit, had lots of problems. Now trying the sv-360, any opinions?
Again using a andrew 41" with .5 db norsat dro/pll lnb. Thanks...rolou21
I think a member or two here did get some experience with that 360 box, try the Search box here and put in Sonicview 360.
Yeah, someone or a couple people had one. I think the consensus was it was pretty much what we expected from sonicview. Nothing groundbreaking at all. Spotty motor control, but better than viewsat.

The ilink thingy (just googled it) appears to be aimed at the pirating market unless I am looking at a different device than you are referring to.

Overall, I'd say not much of a true FTA box to work with, but I did have a sonicview 8000 in the past and it was passable for FTA use. It just had heat issues and I sold it.
It has dual tuner and work great for recording stuff, timers most of the time acurate somtime the box frizzes dont know why but most of the time it is a dependable dual tuner time recorder.
I have the single tuner premiere box and my advice would be for you to keep looking for another manufacturer. It has problems with the digital sound output, recording stopping if there is a glitch in the signal, memory management of channel info, and a few other minor quirks. These problems were apparently fixed in the 'eyepatch' firmware... It took SV 18 months to come up with a new firmware release for the box, and I've learned to live with the existing problems, so I don't care to try beta testing the new one for them.
If I ever decide to get a new FTA box, I would like to find one that works over my local LAN the similar to the way the HD Homerun terrestrial ATSC tuner that I have does. It's nice being able to schedule and save recordings on a central computer that has lots of disk space and keeps the right time. I don't know if there is something like this out there now...

I also tested one of these... The SV360 Premiers.

I was also not impressed. I was trying to adopt it to my motorized system and it was extremely "quirky" in its response. I managed to get it to function through a great deal of cussing and scratching my head.

In my honest and straight forward opinion, I perceived that it was intended for the Jolly Roger Gang. I let my brother experiment with the unit and he came up with the same conclusion, so I retired the box.

Its kind of sad. Seemed like a nice STB at first, but doggone, if I didn't pull my hair out trying to make it work with a motor. This particular model, I won't recommend. Sonic View may have other models that are better, but once the stigma is attached, it is very hard to dispell it.

I don't want to lead anyone in the wrong direction here, their other models may be perfectly fine. The one I got was also a test version, so don't take everything you hear (even from me) as gospel.

I don't wish to blackball the entire Sonic View line based on one experience with one bad model. Heck, even Ford had an Edsel! But, at least it drove.

Radar gave me the box to test. I found that when using USALs for motor control that there was a built in table for coordinance of each satellite listed. The writters of this table did a poor job and they linked the satellites for some incorrectly. For example 80% where correct but you found a few such as the KU satellite at 97W orbital location would actually drive the dish to 123W, or when selecting the sat at 123W orbital location would drive to something like 83W location on the arc.

It has been a few years scince I tested this box so I could not tell you which satellite coordinance where incorrectly listed. Also using Diseqc motor control had its issues. I also had problems scanning some of the transponders; front end of this box wasn't that great for FTA.

I never found a new release of factory firmware that corrected the motor control issues. But believe there was a pirate bin released later that addressed at least a portion of the problems related to motor control, but have no idea what that bin was.
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