Netflix Remote Control With PC Remote-How To


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I've been looking for a way to control Netflix with my remote. I found something that works but it is more of a work around, but it works.

My remote looks like this:


While searching for an answer I found an example of a slide show program using silverlight and silverlight extensions 1.0.

It can do a slide show.

Silverlight slideshow with remote control and windows taskbar support - About My Code

Ok, so I open Chrome and went to Netflix and well, was disappointed. But, it does work.

RR & FF work but play/pause didn't...USE ENTER for play/pause. Volume works. The full screen button doesn't work but it is a good start...good for bathroom breaks.

You have to run the slideshow program prior to starting your movie...

After the movie is started you may close it, but it is easier to keep it open. Also make sure you bring the browser to the front to control it.

Tested with the above remote and Chrome.

If anyone finds a better way post it. All I can find is Iphone apps and stuff. Tired of looking.


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May 10, 2012


If you want to control windows 7 Media center version of netflix; note this remote is known not to work with winxp wmc. I have been using one for sometime now. I had to buy another since Comcast made me get a digital adapter. Now I now can change channels with my WMC remote which controls the comcast DA. WMC remote had to learn the DA remote codes but it works great. Now this is high tech, I used a rubber band to fix together the IR transmitter cables to they see each each other told it high tech. This work like a champ for netflix I use it all the time.

there are two models of this remote, but I can not post the URL's I am new. Search for MediaGate GP-IR02BK on amazon.

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